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Win win

Came in to get a Hyundai Tucson, those are kind of hard to find these days. They had one on the front line. No extra charge over MSRP like some other dealers. Everybody was so nice



Shady finance department. Don't trust this dealership. Totally ignored my legally binding contract. Per my lease end contract I could purchase car with no fees. Added a pre delivery fee to a 3 year old car.


Always a pleasure

Always A Pleasure After leaving 2 other local lots that really didn't seem interested in dealing with me, I decided to go back to Bay Dodge where I have previously purchased 2 used and 1 new car from in the past. I know ALOT of the staff at Bay and walked into service to see my friend Patsy Myers who then recommended me to Donna Rice in used cars. Donna was absolutely fabulous and hysterical!! This woman knows her job well and made me feel like a family member! After telling Donna my latest vehicular trials and tribulations we then talked to Darrel Cologna about some financing. Darrel was able to quickly pull 2 vehicles off the list for me to check out. While driving one of them around looking at the lots for the other one, Donna told me to take it on a test drive which I did and was extremely happy and didn't care that we couldn't find the other car we had been looking for. Back at the store, Darrel starting running numbers and Donna and another sales man Bob Cronk kept me entertained. Then it was time to go see Mike Crilly and Robert Parker in the other finance office. Between the time I stepped on the lot and then Mike told me I was approved took maybe 45 minutes. Fastest time I've EVER bought a car in. I didn't get all the paperwork signed that night, so Donna made sure to call me and talk to me the next few days while I was getting the trade-in ready. Then on signing day Donna took me to see Robert who was very thorough in explaining ALL the paperwork AND answered all my questions I had. Donna waited patiently for me to finish in finance and then helped affix my new plate and made sure I knew all about the car. The whole process from beginning to end was absolutely a pleasure. Donna, Bob, Darrel, Mike, and Robert NEVER made me feel like just another number or paycheck. They were ALL extremely friendly, courteous, humorous, and made me feel like another member of their extended family. I wasn't rushed, I wasn't just blown off, I wasn't treated like a silly female that knows nothing about cars. They all cared for me and made this the best car buying experience I've ever had. I tell everyone to go see Donna and the Boys at Bay Dodge?


Bought 2 cars from Bay, getting ready to buy 3rd

The sales staff has always been pleasant, treat you like a friend; and this is the first time I felt like I truly got a good deal. Haggle! Don't be afraid.


Not good service

I was talking to the dealership about a car they had that I was attempting to buy. Went through the financing process and everything. However, about a few days later they sold the car that I was intending on purchasing to someone. I will never attempt to buy another car from this dealership.

Dealer response

It's unfortunate that this of the internal rules for the salespeople here is that they cannot hold a vehicle unless they have a deposit on that vehicle. If the customer does not wish to secure that vehicle with a deposit (especially in a long distance situation) it has to be made available to other customers and/or salespeople if they have someone who wants to purchase it.

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