Young Buick GMC

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(66 reviews)

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Was impressed.... not so much now....

I was very impressed at first... They were great and helpful.. Two weeks after getting our car if wouldn't start. They took care of it. 4 months later, same problem. I had to pay to get all this stuff fixed. 2000 dollars later, I am still having problems, if I don't do certain things (which shouldn't have to be done to start a car) so that it will work. When I mentioned this $2000 fix to the sales MANAGER and salesmen (whom I love and think he did a great job getting me what I WANTED) they jokingly said, oh yeah 4 months... its time for a trade it, that is our turn around time. I was NOT IMPRESSED. I doubt I will go back. I would NOT recommend them to friends, family or anyone now. I was fine with them, until they made that joke. It may be joking, but I feel that they don't even have confidence in their own cars.


Shuttle driver was amazing

The shuttle driver made the drive fun and got me to where I needed to go safely...had great conversations... let me pick the music I wanted to hear...


Happy customer

Always wonderful fast and convenient with very professional staff!!


Dishonest Business Practices

BUYER BEWARE!!! This is what you have heard of in used car dealerships. After looking at everything, they snuck in $9,000 in extras on a $24,000 purchase. I was able to get $5,000 off but the other $4,000 (1,300 taxes) were just what they had to charge in every car. Complete scam.


Save your time and money!! RUNN AWAY!!!

The service advisor did not communicate at all. I had to call to get updates. Also the service advisor tried to sell me a service that I had already paid for when I bought my vehicle. They didn?t even look up to see what coverage we had. The service technician never did fix the issues we brought our vehicle in for. We even talked with the service manager and he said he would call us with an update before the day was over. But we had to call them the next day! I wouldn?t even bring my vehicle to this dealership if I were broken down on the side of the highway.



Great service and they provided a video from under my truck.



WORST CAR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! We had been car shopping all day every Saturday for weeks (besides having purchased many new and used cars over the last 30 years) and have never had a worse experience. It was raining and we pulled onto their lot, rolled down the window, and asked if they had the specific model of car we were looking for available and if so, what were they asking for it. Our 4 year old was asleep in the back seat. We knew exactly what we wanted and just needed a simple answer to our question. We politely told the salesman that we didn't want to get out of the car if they didn't have anything we were interested in available. (We had been looking for weeks so we had test drove a lot and knew exactly what we wanted.) He asked us to come inside to look at options. We declined and he said he would go inside really quick to see if they had what we wanted. The salesman was nice enough up to that point but then he brought his manager out. The manager was a jerk!! They said they had a process they had to go through and that they couldn't work with us if we weren't willing to come inside and go thru their sales process. (Isn't part of sales about creating a good relationship with your customer and meeting their needs, not manipulating their questions through some "process?") The manager was aggressively demeaning to my husband and myself, telling us that if we didn't come in and test drive cars with them that we are idiots. They said that car buying isn't all about numbers. They were right about that. Car buying is also about customer service and they are the ABSOLUTE WORST!


Lied about significant vehicle details

Called to ask if a BMW they had listed specifically had a manual transmission with a clutch, and made it clear that was exactly what I wanted. They checked and assured me it was, so I made an appointment and drove 40 miles to look at it. I texted the salesperson I was working with, Bohdi, to let him know I was close. When I got there the car was staged in the front with a note with my name on it. I was greeted by a different salesperson who told me Bohdi was preoccupied. I then went to begin inspecting the car and saw it clearly had an automatic and was in worse condition than implied. I was obviously frustrated because I made it clear I was only looking for a manual. They then brought out the floor manager to continue trying to pressure me into buying a car I didn’t want. They also tried to misinform me on the car model and options trying to convince me that Bmw doesn’t make manual transmissions anymore which is totally untrue, and they also couldn’t answer any of my questions about the car. At this point I left due to the terrible experience and waste of time. I strongly advise taking your business elsewhere due to the fact that they are clearly just trying to push sales regardless of customer desires. There are plenty of much better dealerships in Utah with more knowledgeable staff, better inventory, and better prices.


Service Review

From start to finish I was given excellent service. Dakota assisted me with friendly and enthusiastic customer service. Greg, in the finance department, was also very helpful and friendly. The only issue I have is that the used car that I purchased didn't have an owner's manual. Even though the car was used I feel like an owner's manual should be included in the package. I called a few days after purchase to ask for one, but was told they didn't have one.


Oil change review

Got my oil changed and tires rotated. They were very professional and got my truck in quickly and out pretty fast.

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