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A Used Car Dealer You Can Actually Trust!

I was in the market for an upgrade to my 07 suburban, so I started searching for a newer model. I am very picky when it comes to buying cars, so it’s never an easy process. Once you find what you want, you can easily lose interest because of the pushy, arrogant salespeople who inevitably assume they know more than you. After 8 months, 271 inquiries, and 2 cars to trade in towards a purchase, I came across Scripture Auto who was selling this 2018 Suburban Premier. I will admit, I assumed the same thing most of you are probably thinking: “A $50k SUV from a small private lot in Greensburg, IN? That’s a gamble.” But it was a gamble that paid off. If you’ve ever dealt with a large dealership chain, you’ll learn that a small lot is not necessarily a bad thing. The large dealerships lowballed me at every opportunity because they knew if I walked away, someone else would come in and buy the vehicle I asked about. They didn’t care about the individual customer, only the next paycheck. (The market is crazy right now, and they were just taking advantage of it.) After reaching out to Scripture, I had a solid and REASONABLE offer for my trade-ins from the get-go, with no hidden fees, no games, and no pushy sales tactics tacked on. Additionally, Jamie went out of his way to take some cell phone pictures for me to show me the truck, as their photo guy only comes out once a week. My wife and I drove down both of my vehicles knowing exactly what I was going to get, and exactly what I was going to pay. No worry about haggling or negotiating, just a very quick and easy process of buying an amazing used vehicle. To top it all off, Jamie alleviated one of my biggest concerns: The lack of a warranty. Not only did he give me a 1 day grace period to have my mechanic check it out before finalizing the AS-IS sale, he gave me a very good deal on an aftermarket warranty when I asked about it. He proved that he cared more about my happiness than just getting a sale, and that means a lot to me. Even the smallest details matter to them; He filled our tank for us since he knew we had a bit of a drive home. I may have found this lot by chance, but I guarantee you if I need another used vehicle, I’m reaching out to Scripture first. There’s a reason they have been in business for over 30 years as a trusted used car provider!


Great Honest Team

Just bought a Renegade at Scripture. The whole team was down to earth, honest, and very helpful. I will definitely do business with them in the future. Trust is a big thing...and these guys are definitely people I feel I can trust!


Amazing service

Honest and transparent..... The warranty my wife purchased has been helpful and the they honor it every time.... I can't say enough about the overall experience....


Honest guys

Bought a used car from Dave and his brother. Everything was just as he said, never mislead us or stretched the story. Great guys trying to make an honest living. I'd buy another car from them tomorrow.


Great place to buy a used vehicle!! Friendly!!!

I have been buying from here for over 20 years and I have had the best service!! They treat you like family. They will always listen and work hard to help you find what you are looking for. I have shopped around and have not found anything better and still have not found the care that the owners give you. I would say at least give them a chance. I know used cars are not going to make 100% of the people happy but around here I have not found a better place to buy a used vehicle!!


overall car buying experience

Best dealership and car buying experience i have had with buying a car. The salesman and financial experience went very smooth and they were extremely friendly to deal with. They even followed up and stressed if i had any questions or concerns to feel free to call them and they would make the experience right. The dealership was very pleasant and friendly to deal with and would recommend anyone to buy from them.


Super good guys!!

I have bought dozens of cars from Jamie and David Scripture through the years and can only say they are the most honest people in the car business. Always go the extra mile and if ever a problem afterwards all I got to do is call and things get worked out! Been in business 25 or more years because they take care of there customers. Always.


Would Never Purchase Another Vehicle from them.

I purchased a truck from Scripture Auto Sales in August of 2014. The truck looked very clean and at the time ran great. I purchased the truck and found out after the sale that the truck was purchased at an auction, had been repainted and needed thousands of dollars in repair work. I have owned the truck almost 5 months and since I bought it I have had to install a new transmission ($4900), replace all of the seals in the engine ($2600) and every week something small happens to it that needs repaired. Scripture auto sales could have done more to inspect the vehicle before I purchased it and they could have seen that it needed some work. This is my fault because I purchased it, however they could have done more due diligence and gone through the truck more. They are a small car lot that buys most of their vehicles at auto auctions, I would stay away.

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