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(3 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(3 reviews)

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Worst Experience Ever

My husband and I purchased a 2014 Suburban in January 2022. The vehicle only had 127K miles on it and we paid for it in full. ($22K) Everyone was super helpful and wide open for communication during the purchasing process. One of the rear doors was missing the rubber piece in the door and the seat belt buckle would not work, they agreed to fix that. They ordered those parts and scheduled a time for me to bring the vehicle in so that their mobile mechanic could replace said parts. I show up that afternoon at my scheduled time and their mobile mechanic is a no show. So they tell me to take the parts and they will reimburse whoever replaces the items. Fine, no problem. Fast forward 3 weeks in, my check engine light comes on. Had it checked and the code P0521 shows for oil pressure sensor. Pay a couple hundred bucks to have the sensor and filter replaced. Vehicle still loses oil pressure and light still on. VERY aware that this vehicle was bought as-is however, called and spoke with salesman to see what he had to say. Was informed that they were going to pull the service records from the shop that worked on it before we purchased it. Next day, received a phone call back and was told that Wheel Source off Broad River Rd worked on it and that it was covered under warranty and they would take care of it. What a relief, I thought! Take vehicle to Wheel Source, they tell us that they are going to replace the oil pump (which was already done before we bought it, but was thinking that it may have been a defective part). If this doesn't work, the vehicle needs a new motor. Salesman calls, tells us it needs a new motor at approximately $5k and wants to weigh out options. Asked if we could split the cost of it or purchase the extended warranty (at their cost), wait 30 days and file a claim. We denied both. Firstly, we are a family of 6. This was the only vehicle that fit the whole family, so we have to go drop a few grand on another vehicle so that my husband and I could still get kids to school and us to work. Secondly, I didn't agree with the extended warranty idea because it would have been a waste due to this clearly being a pre-existing problem. This is when ALL communication from KO ceased. Salesman pulled himself from the situation and said to call the land line directly to speak with the GM. Ironically, he is always busy when called and furthermore has not had a single bit of courtesy to call us back to let us know what needs to be done. Fortunately, Wheel Source semi kept us in the loop. My husband called Monday and asked what's being done at this point.. he said they were trying to figure out the best route (aka cheapest). Said that the vehicle is apparently under some kind of warranty, still not sure where or how...and that they were waiting to speak with this other man, who apparently is the middle man for approval. Their options were a re-man motor or pull a junk yard motor and put new parts on it. Well thats where our line was drawn. Who in their right mind would agree to a junk yard motor in $22K vehicle!? We let Wheel Source know that we would be coming to get our vehicle because that wasn't an option for us. They were kind enough to let us know that they were no longer liable for the vehicle and that the area is known for catalyst converter and tire/rim thefts. Real encouraging, right!? We now have our vehicle back home but that doesn't fix it or the wages lost. They got their check and could care less what happens past that. They don't stand behind their word. When things go south, they lose all integrity and communication.



They don't service their cars. Just reset engine or service lights to get them off the lot. Better to buy from someone with a warranty and that you won't have to fix and repair as soon as you leave this dealership. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNWD




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Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to serving your Automotive needs again soon...

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