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(34 reviews)

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Dishonest. Sold me a dangerous lemon.

Dishonest about the state of the car I was buying. Purchased just below KKB estimate, and found out the next day that the transmission doesn't shift into third gear reliably. I'm hoping to use it as a trade in and expect to get maybe 25% of what I paid for it. In the meantime, if you see a Cadillac going 30mph on the interstate, don't honk at me. I'm just trying to get my lemon into third gear.



Had to replace several parts of the car, there is no way this could pass inspection. So annoying. Horn continues to blow fuses, headlights needed replaced, leaking oil pan, etc.



I went to this lot looking to buy a decent cash car, and was told the prices are on the windshield. There was a Nissan Rogue I was iffy on, but the price on the windshield was good ($5990) so I decided to purchase it. When time to pay the sales guy pulled the car up on the computer and it was on there for $6990. We said we expected to pay the price on the windshield so he called someone to ask. That man said no the price was $6990 but he would take off $300 "for our trouble"; we said no dice and left. I found it really lousy business not to honor the price THEY put on the vehicle. I mean if you go to literally ANY other store, they're going to honor the price they placed on the product. These people are screwy; beware of their bait and switch tactics!!


Excellent services

Excellent customer service.Satisfactiionbeyond expectation.Very good behavior.All staff members are very good.There all services r very excellent.They treat us in a very nice way we never forget this .


They will deceive you.

When we bought the car they said the only issue was there was a mileage error on the title. After we realized that the air bag light had been painted over. You could see the light when when you turn it on, but in the day time you can’t see that the light is constantly on. There is a seat sensor fail for the air bag, don’t know if it is the driver or passenger seat, it is several hundred dollars per seat replacement. I don’t like that we were not informed and they hid it by light being painted.


Go somewhere else

Was assured car was in excellent order. Check engine light came on immediately after driving 65 miles. Estimated cost to fix car is more than purchase price. If we were told truth in advance, we may have purchased anyway since we like the car. It's a shame because we are in market for 2 other cars but will never shop here again.


Don’t buy here !!!

I don’t recommend This place , told my brother they would fix the problems , but didn’t fix it all the way , now I took it to a shop and they told me same problem , if you want to buy from here do not buy , bun but scammers here …now they want me to pay something out my own pocket that they say they would fix ..now denying they said they would fix it


the sales guy sold me car that was already flooded

Bought a Hyundai red in colour looking very nice.. it was low mileage drove it for 2 weeks and the car died... I had to purchace another engine...turns out the car was floaded and the engine was JUST A LEMON not good. really good salesman when the deal is good think twice


Honest dealer with superior customer service!

I helped my son bought his first car from Lone Star Auto and we had such a wonderful experience. We were greeted cordially and were able to test drive any cars in the lot. After short listing a car, Alex (dealer co-owner) urged us to have the car checked out by our own mechanic. We took up the offer and the mechanic gave a thumbs up except for the AC which could either be lack of freon or the compressor. We decided to buy the car after Alex told us he would fix the AC and to our pleasant surprise, decided to replace the compressor after finding out the compressor was not in the best shape. The AC was blowing cold after he topped up the freon so he didn't have to do that. His integrity made it a very easy decision to buy the car. Last but not least, he agreed to drop off the car at my son's house after installing the compressor. We could not have been happier with our experience!


Great experiencd

Purchased a 2011 Mini Cooper on line thru Lone Star auto and the process and proceedure was awesome. Was a little nervous about buying site unseen but everything they said about car was spot on...It was even delivered 2 days earlier than expected..just in time to take to Colo Mountains and enjoy with the top down!

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