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Terrible Service

Continued... At this point I become furious because I drove my vehicle back there still not knowing what is wrong with it. I did not want to drive it because that may make things worst on the engine but I only brought it back because Jonathan told me they would check it. Philip explains that Jonathan is not authorized to make the decisions in the service department. I asked Philip why is Jonathan answering phone calls and talking to people if he is not authorized to do so and he just said I don’t know. I asked him to send Jonathan out to talk to me face to face in which Philip told me that Jonathan has just left for lunch. At this point, I am getting the run around from everyone at this location and I have Philip telling me basically that I am a liar and making up stories that Jonathan told me to come in and he would help me. I asked to speak to someone else because Philip’s attitude is absurd and no one comes out to speak to me. I go into the building asking for someone else to talk to and try to find the General Manager myself but I am escorted out of the building do to getting loud on the showroom floor. All these people care about is selling a vehicle but not making sure the customers who have vehicles are getting the correct service afterwards. I proceed outside with a Salesman that took me away from the showroom floor to go outside and talk to Philip. At this point, Philip is annoyed with me because I do not want to leave and I want them to check my vehicle since they were the last people to touch my vehicle. He yells and says I do not know what you want me to do, I cannot look at your vehicle today. You either leave it or take your business elsewhere. I proceed to yell back at him because I am not going to let some man talk to me a young female any kind of way and he then threatened me to call the police if I do not leave the premises. So I told him to call them then because I was not leaving until I could talk to someone else about the reason why Jonathan told me to come back for nothing basically or talk to Jonathan myself. Finally another guy comes out (who looks like he could be the general manager) and goes into Philip’s office. I knock on the door asking to speak with him. He told me no and proceeded to call the police stating that they have asked me to leave and I am refusing to leave. What I do not understand is why it takes 2 weeks before they can put a machine on a vehicle. They have multiple service advisors/individuals that are just standing around yet have people waiting weeks for their vehicle to even be looked at. I have gone to this location only 2 times and both times something has been wrong with my vehicle. Not only have I noticed the terrible attitudes these individuals have at this location but my tow truck driver even stated they have have terrible attitudes and they do terrible work on vehicles. They even sell crappy vehicles to people. The tow truck driver even told me that he has taken Kia vehicles from this location to Ray Brant Kia in Harvey so they can fix the problems on the customers vehicles. Ray Brandt is where I purchased my vehicle and have used for years without any of these problems. I will drive 45 min to an hour away to use them in the future because I know they will take care of my vehicle. In conclusion, the attitudes and service at Lakeshore Kia needs to be addressed because this location will be shut down or lose all business if they continue talking/treating all of their customers like this.


Terrible Service

If I could select 0 stars I would. I have used this location twice for an oil change and both times something has gone wrong with my vehicle. The first time was in 2019 I came back to my vehicle after a long day of work while pregnant and all of my oil was on the ground. At the time I did not want to drive it due to not knowing if they had any oil left in my vehicle. They got a tow truck to bring the vehicle in and discovered that they screwed on the cap too tight and clipped the filter. This situation was fixed. Now, April 16, 2021 I bring my vehicle to get serviced for an oil change again. It is now May 30, 2021 and I am driving on the interstate when my gas petal stops accelerating and my check engine light comes on. I pull over and my husband checks the vehicle and I literally have no oil in my vehicle at all. I still have between 1600-2000 more miles before my next recommended oil change so at this point I do not know why my oil is completely empty. We go to buy 5 quarts of oil and we use the whole container. The next day, May 31, 2021 I bring my car to Lakeshore Kia. I pull up and try to explain what is going on and tell the Service Advisor Philip that my vehicle did not have any oil at all in it and the coolant and wind shield wiper fluid levels are all low which I did not understand because they are supposed to top off all of these things during the multipoint inspection. The first thing Philip does is cut me off rudely while talking and said well your check engine light is on so the oil is probably burning quickly. I do not believe if the check engine light just came on and the oil was already empty that the oil burned away just that fast. I proceeded to ask him if someone would be able to run a diagnostic on my vehicle in which he explained that it would take about 2 weeks before they could even put it on a machine to see what is wrong with it due to having 13 other vehicles waiting that have been dropped off. I explained to him that I could not wait 2 weeks without knowing or having a vehicle. I asked if they would provide a vehicle for me to use if I left my vehicle to wait and Philip said they do not provide a vehicle until the run a test and they have to keep the vehicle at that point to fix it. The only reason I brought my vehicle back to this location is because they were the last people to touch my vehicle and I wanted them to see what the problem is. After getting the run around I called to see if I could talk to the general manager due to Philip stating he was not at the location. Upon calling the receptionist I was told that the General Manager was in a meeting and they would provide my message to him as soon as possible. The receptionist told me she would call me back before 12 noon if I haven’t heard from the General Manager. I understand in their eyes it was Memorial Day and they probably did not want to work but this is an urgent matter in my eyes due to not having another vehicle to use to get to work across the lake everyday. I called again and stressed that I just need to get a test done on the vehicle to see what is wrong with the engine (not to fix the problem today) and someone by the name of Jonathan told me that if I bring the car back within the next 30 minutes that someone would be able to check it for me. When I pulled into the service area Philip asked me if I made my decision on what I was going to do (either leave it there for 2 weeks or not). The way he said this was not in a nice way. He has a very nasty attitude and I do not know why he is even in customer service. At this point, I reacted back with an attitude and told him a guy name Jonathan told me to come back and y’all would look at my vehicle. Philip stated that the answer is no that they cannot look at the vehicle today. He also said “I do not know what you are trying to do by calling and getting someone to say bring the vehicle in to work around what I told you but it’s not going to happen”. Continued....


Kia soul

Do not buy a car from LakeShore Kua Dealer. They will tell you anything to get you to buy a car, an wont tell you the things to keep you from buying a car, like some of the silly rules they have to keep your warranty in track trust me dont buy


Donna Z

Excellent salesperson. Very happy with Dealership. We have now purchased 4 cars since 2014 and are extremely happy with quality and service. Would not go elsewhere .

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