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May 8, 2001

Even though it is not as cheeky as the little SLK, the other Mercedes-Benz roadster, the SL series is an eminently enjoyable two-seater loaded with luxury and panache. SLs come in three flavo... Read More
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May 3, 2001

In many ways, pickup trucks are the sports cars of the 1990s, except they are more practical. Take Dodge’s Dakota R/T, a 250-horse hot rod with fat tires and a lowered sports suspension. ... Read More
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May 3, 2001

The open road is the ideal place to discover the virtues of Cadillac’s redesigned Seville Touring Sedan (STS), so it was with anticipation and excitement that I merged onto Interstate 10 at B... Read More
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May 3, 2001

Jaguar’s XJR is a car of considerable contrasts. Some of the sexiest sheetmetal in the automotive kingdom sits atop wide 18-inch wheels with tires so thin they look like rubberbands. Picture ... Read More
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November 8, 1998

A few years ago, the exotic Acura NSX sports car was criticized because it was too tame. The car looked like it belonged on the track, bu... Read More
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October 29, 1998

For every dream there is a machine, and every machine has its maker. Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars Ltd. of Crewe, England, has been one such noble creator for three years short of a centur... Read More
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October 16, 1998

BMW should begin its entry-level cars with the new 328i sedan. That would mean scrapping its 323-series models, but the sacrifice would be worth it. Those lower 3-Series BMW cars have Volkswagen ap... Read More
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October 9, 1998

It was a bubba-mobile — red, loud, fast, lacking in certain graces, totally out of place in effete Washington circles. It came with a burping exhaust, sparkling chromed aluminum wheels and a... Read More
The Detroit News's view

October 8, 1998

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario – The three letters from Jaguar owners all leveled the same criticism of the car’s heated seats: They don’t work in hot weather. This poses a particu... Read More
The Morning Call and Mcall.com's view

October 4, 1998

All too often at an old car show, spectators will shake their heads while looking at an outlandish sheet metal creation, and wonder, “What were they thinking?” Tail fins, continental ... Read More