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August 22, 2002

The best-selling Chrysler nameplate? Just happens to be the smallest Chrysler vehicle, the PT Cruiser, which also just happens to be the vehicle brought out in the 2001 model year to build showroo... Read More
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February 2, 2002

A year ago, when Suzuki introduced its new, bigger, better XL-7 sport utility vehicle to journalists at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it seemed like too much hoopla for a fairly routine truck. I misse... Read More
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January 12, 2002

The Chrysler Town and Country Limited AWD (all-wheel drive) may be the single most versatile vehicle I have driven in a year. It has the comfort and convenience features of a luxury sedan, the h... Read More
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November 4, 2001

Getting to normal for many Americans means going shopping. But for my wife and me, it means dumping what was bought. Maybe, next time, we’ll buy less or we’ll buy smarter. But the task ... Read More
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November 3, 2001

Acura MDX is a vehicle that does a lot of things well. Stylish, capable and comfortable, it’s the kind of vehicle we’ve come to expect from Honda’s luxury division. MDX is a true ... Read More
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October 20, 2001

Honda’s S2000 sports car is like a four-wheeled jack-in-the-box: It looks like a docile and demure two-seater, but mash the throttle and out jumps a racetrack-tuned sports car that pins back ... Read More
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October 13, 2001

Can it be seven years since Mercedes-Benz introduced their C-Class, the baby of the family, to the U.S. market? That was a good, if not lust-inducing car, far superior to the “baby Benz”... Read More
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October 13, 2001

Honda Insight now comes with automatic, a continuously variable transmission that not only frees the driver from the terrible hassle of having to shift gears but that actually doesn’t need to... Read More
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October 11, 2001

HIGH MARKS: GREAT WAY TO SPEND YOUR INHERITANCE BMW certainly took its sweet time importing the new M3, the performance version of the bread-and-butter 3-Series, but it was worth waiting for. Like ... Read More
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October 7, 2001

It was a long box, painted silver. It had four wheels, four doors and seating for seven. It languished in my driveway for three days — and it would have stayed there longer, had it not been f... Read More