Mother Proof's view

May 14, 2007

Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania … I find that the Range Rover stirs up notions of adventure travel through Africa’s rolling savannahs. Instead of spying lions, elephants and rhinos, however, ... Read More
AZCentral.com's view

November 28, 2006

Driving a Dodge Viper on regular streets, behind its rockin’ 510-horsepower V-10, is like walking a mountain lion on a leash. The brute power is contained, the muscular force reined in. The ... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

November 9, 2006

Volkswagen dragged millions of loyal customers, kicking and screaming, out of their Beetles and into Rabbits, arguably doing more than any other manufacturer to push the American motorist into smal... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

November 9, 2006

The Dodge Ram pickup hasn’t had a major redesign since the 2002 model year, meaning it is facing fresher competition from everybody who makes a full-sized truck. The top-selling Ford F-150 wa... Read More
Boston.com's view

November 5, 2006

Nasty! A short opening paragraph, but appropriate. The 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX is exactly that — nasty, though in a wicked good way. The Evolution line comes from a company that lost its... Read More
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October 7, 2006

Honda’s Special Edition Accord is an intriguing combination of value and performance. Honda says the SE is “more luxurious than ever, yet it has stayed true to its original mission as a... Read More
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October 1, 2006

Optimally, I like to keep as much cash in my pocket as possible without compromising safety and comfort. I keep a delicate balance between the luxuries I desire and the fluff I’m willing to p... Read More
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September 20, 2006

Despite the recent spike in gasoline prices (followed, thankfully, by a refreshing if perhaps not permanent decline), the full-size sport utility market is alive and well, and on track to rack up a... Read More
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September 20, 2006

We’ve tested a number of exotic European sport sedans this year, with such arcane alphanumeric designations as RS4 and M3. Our favorite nameplate — and one of our favorite high-performa... Read More
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By Sara Lacey on September 11, 2006

Maybe your summertime reading included something light, something in the romance genre? If your idea of the perfect review reads something like a Harlequin novel with Fabio on the cover, you’... Read More