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2021 Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Review: An Efficient, High-Performance Cruiser

By Aaron Bragman on September 22, 2020

Grand touring cars are a special breed of machine, meant to be both luxurious and entertaining to drive — but getting the balance right is a delicate maneuver. They’re generally larger and softer m... Read More
2020 Chevrolet Corvette: How I’d Spec Mine

By Aaron Bragman on July 8, 2020

Playing around with the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette configurator? Here’s how reviewer Aaron Bragman would spec the Corvette of his dreams. Read More
Living With a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8: All That and Fuel Efficient Too?

By Aaron Bragman on June 24, 2020

The 2020 Corvette Stingray C8 is an astonishing bargain for a car that can get from 0-to-60 mph in about 3 seconds with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine. Read More
2021 Toyota Supra Four-Cylinder Priced $16K More Than Toyota 86

By Joe Bruzek on June 17, 2020

The 2021 Supra welcomes a new turbocharged four-cylinder priced between the sub-$30,000 Toyota 86 and $50,000-plus Supra 3.0. Read More
Five-Point-Ohhh! 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Is Ultimate 5-Liter Pony Car

By Aaron Bragman on June 16, 2020

The 2021 Ford Mach 1 is the ultimate 5.0-liter Mustang for people who aren’t yet ready to splurge on that $62,000 Shelby GT350. Read More
‘Entry Level’ 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT43 Joins the 4-Door Coupe Lineup

By Aaron Bragman on June 16, 2020

Slotting in below the GT53 and GT63 models, the new 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT43 is less powerful and less expensive. Read More
5 Lamborghini Models You’re Pronouncing Wrong

By Aaron Bragman on June 4, 2020

Most people know how to say the famous Italian brand’s name — but what about its various cars? Read More
2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1: This Ain’t No Electric SUV

By Aaron Bragman on May 29, 2020

After a 17-year hiatus, the top 5.0-liter Mustang Mach 1 returns to slot above the GT and Bullitt. Read More
2020 Honda Civic Type R Review: Same Lovable Type R With One Caveat

By Joe Bruzek on May 21, 2020

The verdict: The Type R’s on-track credibility is boosted for 2020, but a new augmented engine sound is a head-scratcher.  Versus the competition: Exuding poise, balance and loads of grip, the fron... Read More
10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Jeep Easter Eggs Find Their Way to First

By Matt Schmitz on May 20, 2020 readers enthusiastically greeted our article on the different Easter eggs automakers have hidden for your amusement in vehicles. Read More