2023 Acura Integra consumer reviews

$31,300 starting MSRP
side view of 2023 Integra Acura
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.0
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 3.9
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.6
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Acura Integra A-Spec 23 Air-conditioning Unit

I'm not sure what to think of acura. I had the acura 22 ILX until I saw the Integra aspec. I have only had it for 8 months and the air conditioner unit got a leak. I'm not sure if it's a recall or a fluke. I hope it is the only thing that goes wrong. I Love My Car. ❤️


Civic/accord dupe

It’s a cool design, but your getting a civic interior plus every other Honda out there. For being a whole different company of Honda, you would expect a different interior. Everything is pretty much copy pasted, lack of diversity, and most importantly it’s the same thing slapped with a different logo. Compared to Lexus, Toyota uses a whole different silhouette for the designs on the inside. Just like everyone we were excited for the Integra but I can’t unsee a civic or accord looking at it. It’s a Japanese car, rides well, should be reliable but who knows honestly. In short new acuras are just beefed up Hondas which makes many of us dissatisfied, just producing the same thing in a different body makes no sense.


Amazing vehicle for the price and style!

I have purchased a 2024 Acura Integra ASPEC Tech Package. I originally was going to get a base, but after researching every person who bought anything under the ASPEC Tech was disappointed. The price difference over the course of my loan was not enough to justify getting anything lower. Now here’s the thing, you have to come into this not expecting a top of the line Lexus for Acura money. You get what you pay for. This may not have every bell and whistle, but check back in 10 years and I bet this will still be on the road compared to the BMWs and Audis out there. I honestly love the interior, I searched through all brands throughout the last twenty years. I was looking for a vehicle under 40,000 that is reliable, good gas mileage, and unique. I didn’t want to drive an accord like everyone else. I wanted something that was sleek and aggressive. The Integra filed every box for me. I was driving a 1995 Honda del Sol. So everything is an upgrade for me! I think a lot of these folks are spoiled with new technology. I dont care for what the vehicle is “missing” like power folding mirrors and other things. I mean if it bothers you that bad get out and fold them in! I never used it when I had my last few vehicles. I enjoy the seats and the interior. It is quick! It’s not a hellcat challenger but it’s not trying to be that. Integra is one of the few vehicles I’ve seen that stay true to its heritage. It is an upgraded civic and it’s not ashamed of it. That is what Integra was and is. I think a lot of folks overhyped this cars for themselves. Then when they bought one they were disappointed. I am so continent with this vehicle and I love it. I don’t ever plan to sell it.


‘23 Acura Integra

I got the base package, I wish I would have gotten the A-Spec. There is a faulty window seal on the drivers side that needs attention and the adaptive cruise control is new for me, along with the engine idle shut off, both features I can live without.





Worthy of the Integra Name

This review is for the Integra A-Spec with Technology, 6-speed manual. For the out-the-door (OTD) price of around $40,000 with included taxes, title, processing, and dealer "mandated" options (even more with the "market value adjustment" added), the car presents little value for the money. The one thing that drove (no pun intended) me to this car is the available 6-speed manual transmission, which I deemed a must-have. If the manual transmission were not offered, it's possible I would have probably purchased another car. Still, as it stands now, I do love this car. .... Cons: • No rear AC vents • No OE built-in navigation or maps • No HomeLink • No auto-folding of the side-view mirrors • No interior opener/unlock for the hatch • No removable cupholder inserts to facilitate cleaning • No"bird view" camera • The rearview camera resolution is horrible • The glove box compartment does not lock • The "leatherette" seating and panel accents are not real leather • Less than stellar exterior fit-and-finish with visible gaps and some misaligned panels • Same motor performance tuning that is in the Civic Si, resulting in the same horsepower and torque outputs • With the car being a turbo, no option to select viewing of turbo boost PSI on either of the Driver Information Interfaces • The "tablet sitting on top" screen would be better situated within the dash • Very little differentiation from the Civic Si on which it is based .... Nuisance: • The metal shift knob top gets hot to the touch • No cupholder cover • Vanity mirror lights are not LED (all others are) • No built-in rear window sunshades • No auto-down/up on rear windows • No close all windows/sunroof with remote • Need more user customization left side area of the Driver Information Interface • Why is there only Trip A and Trip B when processor and memory are no longer constraints? • No panoramic sunroof .... Pros: • Available 6-speed manual transmission • Rev auto-matching during downshifts • Comfortable ride • Head-up display (HUD) • Speed-limit sign recognition • Cargo space • Gas mileage • Styling • Handling • Throttle response when in "sport" mode • The fun-to-drive factor is very high • Very little turbo lag; boost comes in early .... Would be Nice: • Performance quad piston "Brembo" style brakes that were shown with the yellow debut model offered as standard with the 6-speed MT • A dealer accessory spare tire option since one is not included by default for any trim • All-wheel-drive (AWD) option • The ability to activate the rearview camera at will to see if someone is following too close • A "selected gear" indicator in the gauge cluster for manual transmissions, similar to that for the CVT • A lighted "H" pattern on the manual shifter knob when interior lights are activated .... Some other non-premium cars at this same price point offer more in terms of horsepower, torque, and other features. It would have been nice for Acura to retune the engine for just a little more performance over the Civic Si to help separate it and make it easier to digest the price difference. Although the car is worthy of the Integra Name, if it were offered as a "redesigned" 2023 ILX with the manual transmission, I still would have purchased the car, regardless. But as mentioned earlier, this car is a hoot to drive and a pleasure to own. I don't regret the purchase.


Interior lacking

Acura truly scrimped on the interior of the new Integra. Vinyl instead of leather; cheap carpeting and head liner; No driver’s side seat memory; no motorized passenger side seat positioning; no garage door link; no temp control unsync; no interior hatch opener; no compass. Missing many common “luxury” appointments that have been around for years!


Finally a TSX successor

The 2023 Integra is the best car Acura has made since the first gen (2004-2008) Acura TSX in my opinion and feels just as much a successor to that car as the Integras of the past. The stock tuning of the 1.5L turbo is ideal for most drivers, and while it may not be quite as fun to rev out to the redline as the old 2.4L K engine, it’s still among the best powertrains in modern cars and has sufficient power and torque for any day to day driving. No, this isn’t a fast car, but it also doesn’t need to be in order to be enjoyable. Ride quality and sound deadening is competitive with other cars in this segment, handling is better than most (nobody can beat Honda at FWD), and the pricing is very competitive. An Audi or BMW similarly equipped will likely cost you an extra $5k-$7k and that’s before factoring in all of the additional maintenance and depreciation you’ll also be paying for. All things considered I think this is an excellent value and I wouldn’t recommend anything else in the entry luxury segment.


Fresh take of discontinued model!

I have owned Integras for years and this car is definitely a new take on the model. Over all its exciting to drive and the looks are slick and in my opinion far exceed the civic. Being it’s sister chassis.