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2019 BMW 530e consumer reviews

$53,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 530e BMW
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Great car, classic BMW, reliable, but bad resale.

Absolutely love my 2019 530e. Drove a 5.7 hemi Chrysler 300 prior but I’ve owned a 2014 bmw 328i. The turbo 4 engine on this sedan is buttery, not as fast as the 6 but this car shines in the twistys and turns. She handles on rails. Gas to hybrid motor transition is seamless. I get 38mpg usually because my commute is 68 miles so everyday I get about 20-25 electric range. (Must turn off AC/Heat otherwise it dips to 18). The key to extending electric mileage is to know when to use the gas motor, especially uphills. Otherwise you will sap your range. My only complaints is the interior and trunk are a little cramped compared to my old 300. The value also dropped a lot, I bought one year ago for 32k (40k after taxes and bumper to bumper warrranry). with 30k miles and now it’s got 60k miles and now only worth 25k so I have zero equity if I want to trade it in. Otherwise zero problems only been in shop for oil changes. I almost need to go buy a bucket commuter so I can keep miles off the 530 but she is just so much nicer to drive especially in the cities where she just glides with the electric motor. I’ve even driven off road ok gravel and she has great comfy suspension that absorbs a lot of bumps.


So much elegance and luxury.

Bought a used CPO 530e. I loved it. No problems. Perfectly reliable. Getting into this car put a smile on my face. Great performance and gas mileage. Only complaints are base stereo and shorter all electric range. Small details on an overall outstanding luxury sedan.


Eco Elegance on Wheels

I’ve been driving my 2019 BMW 530e xDrive for a while now, and it’s truly an outstanding vehicle. What really impresses me is how it combines the classic 5 Series performance with efficient hybrid technology. I’ve even hit an incredible 61 miles per gallon, which is a testament to its efficiency. The ride is exceptionally smooth and quiet, a quality that’s enhanced at night by the beautiful ambient lighting. Its reliability is beyond question – I haven’t faced a single issue. And the xDrive? It’s a game-changer in the winter, offering excellent control and stability. All in all, this car is a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and eco-friendliness.


An excellent plug in hybrid car

I drove 2019 BMW 530e for 4 years before I traded in for BMW i5. I did not have any major issues with the car and really like plug in charge feature of the car, which significantly increases gas mileage. I can drive the car with electricity only for about 15 miles without consumption of gas. Overnight charge in my garage with regular socket is sufficient for a full charge.


Best Car I’ve Owned

Just purchased my 530e used a couple months ago and I love it. I drove a 2019 Maxima before this that was fully loaded but this BMW blows it out of the water. Great styling, comfort and acceleration. Definitely worth it.


Awesome, well balanced car!

In the past ten years I have had 3 S Class Mercedes, 3 XJL Jaguars, 1 Audi A6 and a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph (which doesn't count in this comparison). Five months ago, I bought a BMW 530e with 9,270 miles. In every category, the 530e wins. I enjoyed all of the vehicles, the Mercedes the least but they have all been first class automobiles. My 530e has never gotten less than 48 mpg and as much as 77mpg depending on the length of the local trips and if there was enough time to charge it. You most likely will look forward to driving your BMW with a smile.


Should have kept my Mercedes

I love style and the way the car drives. The gas efficiency is amazing. I charge it at night off of 120v plug drive 20 miles to the office and put it on the charger at the office. I can go weeks without going to the gas station. Here is the rub. I have had a persistent issue causing the check coolant light to come on. Over the past 90 days it has been back to the dealer 5 times and they cant seem to resolve the issue. The dealer has been willing to give me price I paid for the car back, but I would be out Dealer Fees, Sales Tax etc. which is almost $5K, and at the moment there are very few hybrids available. I am regretting switching from MB.


Not too shabby of a ride

My 530e is a 2022 model. My first hybrid/electric vehicle and we're enjoying it quite a bit. The mileage so far has been great. Although we haven't run it only on the juice. The fit and finish is superb, its super quiet and the Harmon Kardon sound system is quite adequate. We traded two trucks to get this, and it's been worth it. Go get one!


Luxury and MPG

I love the 5 series and this is the best because it has all the comfort and power of the regular one but the hybrid makes it have great mpg


BMW Brilliance

The incredibly stylish and fuel efficient BMW 530e brings a ton of class to the roads. This is by far the most comfortable and good looking BMW I have owned to date.