1999 Dodge Caravan consumer reviews

$18,205 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 Caravan Dodge
65% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 3.2
  • Performance 3.4
  • Value for the money 3.5
  • Exterior styling 3.5
  • Reliability 3.4
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Very reliable truck

very comfortable to drive very easy to drive if you're looking for an inexpensive work truck this is probably a good one for you it's worth the money


great minivan

we had our minivan since 2003, and it's been the most reliable car with minor repairs. lots of room for family trips and lugging my daughters harp to concerts. the V6 engine has lots of power, but unfortunately the spark plugs are difficult to change.


Lasts well over 200k

This vehicle lasted me well over 240k with maintenance and minor repairs along the way. Definitely roomy and comfortable throughout. Great to transport large stuff via removing the back seats. Rust becomes an issue before car break down does!


Good van overall!

This is a nice van. However, the lever to recline the seat snapped in two in my hand. The shaft is about the size of a ball point pen! Have to order a new seat to fix it. No way! Cup holders broke within a year. It eats through front brakes like crazy. The headlights leave something to be desired. Transmission started acting up at under 100k, but lasted several thousand more miles before "locking up" on the freeway!! The engine is great! Very reliable. Doesn't burn oil even at high mileage. I love the fact it has doors on both passenger and driver sides. Very handy!


Van of reliabilty

The van has many advantages, first it is easy to work on such as changing oil, fuel filter, and air filter etc. Second it has two seats in the front and two benches in the back that can seat up to 8 people. And third it is great driving on the highway and overall city use.


Best vehicle I've ever owned so far.

It's very roomy and comfortable. Great for families with kids or with tall family members. Gas mileage was not great though.


Best van i ever owned

Bought this Van in 2006 now its 2017 never has broke down don't use oil. The few troubles both power windows about gone 400 too fix. Trans does use a little oil but put stop leak now its fine. Mileage 115k . price i paid in 2006 6000 - So for the money Great Van.


Got a good one

Anniversary Edition 3.0 ltr 4spd auto. LOVE IT. There's good and bad in everything and mine is a good one. Bought used with 90 thousand kliks on it. Only problem is air cond. compressor is making noise because the former owner never used the air. So comfortable, easy to drive, excellent gas mileage and talk about multitasking. Like a tractor in the snow too. I sure do like the one I got.


From what ours was like ..... DONT BUY! :(

we had the basic model with a 3.3 V6. not sure what transmission it was but it leaked. If you buy a 1999 caravan, be sure to get air conditioning in the back for summer, otherwise your kids will get mad. toward its end days, you would be driving and it just died. you woud lose power stering which almost made us fall into a ditch. after a few minutes it would start again. and so we took it to get fixed and it died agin, reapeated this process 2 times. finally got it fixed. about 2 weeks before we sold it sometimes it would start and sometimes it wouldn't. so we went and traded it in (which im really suprised they took it) and bought a toyota sienna Great car but this reveiw is about dodge and you can read about my sienna reveiw in the 2007 toyota sienna page. anyway, the gas mileage stunk. a friend has the same yeat and loves it(probably not the same spec though) maybe dodge has improved over the years but im going to stick with toyota!


Very happy so far. 160k no leaks!

Don't know if I got lucky here, but since I purchased this van used from a suspicious (in my honest opinion) car lot. Paid for it in 2008 with 100k miles had it for 3 years now and the only thing I have put into it is basic maintenance and a replacement of the full front brake system(rotors, calipers, brakes, hoses about 450 bucks) shortly after purchasing it. Probably due to the previous owner running far too long on them. Power everything, all still working very well. Transmission seems to be a problem with these, I can safely say not a sniffle from mine. Towed a Uhaul trailer full to Idaho 2 weeks ago(10 hour trip). It did exceptionally well, considering the high temperatures. Not a peep from the cooling system or transmission the whole way. A vehicle that knows its a people hauler and does well in its role, and occasionally a little out of its role ( trailer hauler ). Wow now that I think of it, it really deserves a good wash. 150k miles now, and all things considered I would definitely buy another!