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2024 Mazda CX-90 consumer reviews

$37,845 starting MSRP
side view of 2024 CX-90 Mazda
71% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value 3.4
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.3
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Backstory bought the Cx 90 in September and ever since

Backstory bought the Cx 90 in September and ever since it has given us nothing but problems, it currently has 8500km on it and has been in the shop 4 times 3 with engine issues and once for the squeaky brakes ( the sounds like I have no breaks at all). I refuse to drive this car on our highways! When driving over 100 she pulls to the right ( took it in for this as well) When driving on open roads with no vehicles beside me my motion sensor goes off saying I have something in my way. If your buying this car please note it will be in the dealers more then at home


Ticks all the boxes on paper, but misses the mark

Owned for about 6 months and had to trade it in. First, the pros. Looks amazing. Mazda nailed all of the exterior elements. The interior is very well done and feels of high quality. On paper, this is an amazing vehicle. It has all of the bells and whistles, and it promises the benefits of an electric with in a spacious 3 row package. I had the premium plus, which was nice, but the perforated leather was quite difficult to clean. I got the premium plus for the rear auto-braking feature, but after owning it, I should have gone for the premium. Anyways, the main issue is the drive. Specifically, Mazda still has a lot of work to do on the transitions between electric and ICE mode. I has multiple instances where it would feel like it was stalling. I also had many instances where it would lurch (suddenly jerk forward). And there is a noticeable delay between pushing the pedal and the gas engine kicking in to support additional acceleration when you need it. Overall, it wasn’t very fun to drive and couldn’t see keeping a $55k+ vehicle that wasn’t fantastic all around. Maybe they will fix these issues in future revisions or with software updates, but I was not willing to wait around for that.


CX-90 PHEV Honest Review

If you're thinking about the PHEV version of this car, here's my take on it from personal experience: Pros: Quiet Ride: It's super quiet, which is great. Nice Interior: The inside feels fancy and comfortable. Fun to Drive: It handles well and is enjoyable on the road. Middle Row Seats: The bucket seats are comfy and make extra space for stuff. Cons: Short Electric Range: Even though they say it can go 26 miles on electric, I mostly get just 20 miles. And it takes forever (like 13 hours) to charge, sometimes not even fully. The 495 miles of highway that Mazda states seems very lofty and exaggerated Quick to Lose Charge: The battery drains faster than you'd expect. Slow Acceleration: It doesn't pick up speed as quickly as you'd think because of some lag. Wireless Charging Issues: The wireless charger is hit or miss and really slow. Sensor Problems: The car sensors aren't always right. They've mistakenly warned me of cars ahead when there weren't any, which is annoying. Infotainment System: If you've used Mazda systems before, you know they can be a pain. Simple stuff like pausing music or connecting your phone can be frustrating. And you need the most expensive version to get a touchscreen. Final Thoughts: I'm not here to bash the CX90-PHEV. Just want to share what I've found for anyone thinking about getting one. If you're considering it, maybe look into leasing to take advantage of any credits. Overall, it's not a bad car when things work.


Drivers car!

This is a drivers car! Built for road trips and outstanding on twisty roads, not a sports car, but a satisfying sporting experience. Everything works really well for the occupants, driver and passengers. Power, transmission, driving modes, all work really well. Our dealer, in Luther Mazda, in Lee's Summit, Missouri was so good to work with during the evaluation and purchase. Only issue is the in-car phone audio, those receiving calls get an earful of swooshing that makes it difficult for the person on the other end of the call.


Mazda Cx90

The CX90 is very stylish vehicle, has all the accessories you will ever need, and more. The ride is very comfortable. We have never owned a Mazda before so I can’t speak to its reliability or longevity. So far my wife loves it! I’m a bigger person (6’3” and 280) and I fit comfortably in the front and back. It has plenty of room for transporting your valuables. The only design flaw I see so far is the dirt and grime gets in under your rear doors, this could be an issue as we live in a climate where it snows. Hopefully not.


Love the CX-90 Turbo S

I got the car only few days ago. Love the way the car drives and a great gas mileage, about 2 miles per gallon more than estimated by EPA.


CX-90 competes with prestige brands? You betcha!

Purchased the Turbo S Premium model -- 340 HP. I read dozens of professional reviews before test driving locally and buying. Brand new vehicle so you may have to expand your search away from home to find the model / trim that you want. I got the version with captain's chairs in 2nd and 3rd row so mine seats 6. Bench seat also available if you prefer that. Pros: great acceleration with top notch handling and comfortable ride. Soaks up bumps well. Very quiet on highway. Great Bose stereo. I have to disagree with many of the professional reviewers -- I like the scroll wheel interface rather than touch screen -- less distracting. Bought a brand new 2021 Audi Q7 and got rid of it after a year -- great vehicle but I hated the touch screen interface -- Audi not intuitive and very frustrating. I had a 2019 Mazda CX-9 for 4 years and liked the interface - one of the big reasons I was attracted to the CX-90. Cons: as other reviewers have noted - limited space for storage in front cabin and behind 3rd row. Turbo S Premium model that I bought does not have ventilated front seats, so you may want to avoid black interior. Paddle shifters are there, but I prefer to shift with my own with the gear selector as I did my old CX-9 but can't do with the CX-90. Overall, I think that Mazda has hit a home run with this vehicle. Those looking for a prestige brand or more cargo room will definitely look for another brand. But I like it better than the 2021 Audi Q7 that I owned. Dealer experience: Picked up the CX-90 at Huffman Mazda in Louisville, over 100 miles from home to get the model I wanted. Well worth the drive - top notch customer experience, no games, no nonsense customer experience. Finalized a very fair deal via email and phone.