2014 RAM ProMaster 1500 consumer reviews

$28,630–$30,520 MSRP range
side view of 2014 ProMaster 1500 RAM
50% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 3.2
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 2.4
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It only works for 100K

All my problems started with the ambient sensor located in the under the driver mirror, after that the receptacle for the oil filter broke giving me a great spilling of motor oil, the trim in the windshield became loose so all the water and debris goes into the motor, then the fans for the motor and a/c broke following with the transmission. The dealer has no information on this car at all, not even the parts catalog is right. If you asked for a part, they came out with the wrong one. Thanks Ram and Dodge I paid $ 30K for 6 years. The car is broken and parked in my house. Several mechanics came to see the car and none could fixed it, all of them came with the computer and all the computers gave the same codes, all of the parts were put in new and still does not working.


Karplus helped me find the right vehicle..

This car meets all my need that Karplus dealership recommended for my business which was a great choice and costumer services was amazing.. looking forward to enjoy it..


Most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned

The Differential housing bolts sheared 3, lost one and 1 was ? I kept hearing a clunk in the front end didn’t realize that bolts were sheared. Now replaced bolts, alternator (still having wiring issues) replaced cv shaft. This is a piece of garbage no one should have one!!


I really wanted to like this van

I own a plumbing company and have had these vans since day one 2014, We have been riddled with nothin but issues with them. headlights burn out every month, door sensors are constantly going off, transmission failed in one at 100k km, sliding doors are constantly breaking.


great ride

this vehicle met my needs with a good turning ratios and the backup camera made it easier to see the rear areas and was pleasure to drive in the city or the open four lane highway fuel mpg for this full size van and cargo consistent mpg


Fun van!

Spiritually, this is a modern day VW van. It is the van VW should have built, instead of the super expensive and impractical stuff that they did build. Its reasonably priced and offers a lot of value. I bought a new left over 14 model hi top mid wheelbase gas model last Sept. Have over 9k miles on it now. Problems? Brakes do squeal a bit, but not enough for me to care enough to try to change it as they are powerful and will stand this van on it's nose in an emergency. I know, had to do it once. Traction control worked great. No issues with latches or anything that some people have had with them. Mine's doors and all accessories work just fine. Mine did suffer a weepy radiator as many '14 models did. I showed it to the dealer and they ordered a new radiator in for me and swapped it out. No coolant issues since then. Half day to repair. It had an engine sensor go bad, but was still safe to drive. Another half day repair under warranty. I gave it it's first oil/filter change at 5k miles and will do another next month as it hits 10k miles. Very easy access to everything to service it! The good stuff. Love the power this V6 makes. Very smooth and rev happy. The transmission does a great job of putting the torque to the ground too. This van takes off like a rabbit from a stop. Very smooth through the six speeds too. This is one of the better auto transmissions I have owned over the years. Love the FWD handling. Tracks straight as an arrow even on steeply crowned roads. Sucks up the bumps and rides well too. Very tight turning radius. In a parking lot, its like driving a forklift backwards! Between the large side mirrors and back up camera and back up sensors, you can really maneuver this van well in a tight space. I find the seats very comfortable on road trips. But it needs better grab handles for driver and passenger entrance and exiting. The ones provided are up way too high in the ceiling. You have to be over 6' tall to use them! We're short people. Sturdy handles on the A pillar like my old van had would be much better. The seven cup holders are kinda useless too. Except for the one up on the dash, they are difficult to reach. And even that one if kinda far away from the driver. I installed a big center console between the seats just to have more useable cup holders and a place to lay a sandwich. I am slowly turning it into a sleeper van as I can afford it. I started off with 100 squ ft of sound insulation in the box and a thickly padded carpet on the cargo floor. Now it rides quiet at 70 mph on the hiway like a good mid size car. I have 300 watts of solar panels on the roof supplying two 90 amp hr deep cycle batteries. I use a pure sine inverter to run a small apartment sized fridge. It is self sustaining. Batteries will run it easily all night and then solar recharges in about 4 hours during the day. In the past 11 months I have enjoyed the heck out of this funky van. Not perfect, but very good at many things. Love my road trips in it and its ability to swallow just about any cargo. The AV works great even on a 100 degree day. Heater is very efficient in the winter too. I'd highly recommend the gas model. Mine gets about 15 mpg around town and 20-22 mpg hiway at 65 mph.


So far, great.

We've had our promaster van for about a year and it now has just over 14k miles. We certainly would recommend the van, and will likely get the chassis cab version within the year (We're a construction co.) The features we appreciate: Handling/Turning radius Interior space Payload We have the 1500, mid wheelbase, gas version.


Looks nice, but feels cheap

We really liked the look of this van. Very different from the rest of the service vans currently on the road. That, coupled with the large size, we thought it would help us stand out from the other companies in the area. We really love the space in the back. Allows for shelves to be installed and still have plenty of room for products and everything else you could want to put in the back. Honestly, it drives a lot better than the other vans we have. Great handling, turning, drives smooth... The problem comes with the build. It feels cheap. We now have just over 3000 miles on it (bought it new a few months ago) and we have had to take it in for service work 5 times already. First, within the first 3 weeks, the rear sensor just stopped working. Then the display would always state the rear doors are open and then beep at you. Took it in, they fixed the sensor but the door alert still happens. Next, the passenger door wouldn't open from the inside. Then the back door wouldn't open from the outside. The front headlight filled with water after a heavy rain. It's not good to get in the van and have to hope and pray that everything is going to work today. They may seem like small things but on a job site, when the doors won't open, that causes some big problems. If the build was more solid, I would love this van, but I can't recommend it and wouldn't buy another Dodge based on this van.