1999 Saturn SC consumer reviews

$10,595–$15,865 MSRP range
side view of 1999 SC Saturn
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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My 1999 Saturn SC2 is great and reliable

Okay so it's 2018 and i just bought a sporty 1999 Saturn SC 2 with the twin cam engine. It has 87,000 miles on it and this car was VERY well taken care of, so much that it looks as new as any 2018 car driving around. So some people told me i shouldn't buy a car that old but I said "hey relax it's a saturn". The reason I tell them that is this is my third 90's Saturn I've owned and they are nothing but dead reliable. This one however is my first SC model and it's basically a sporty car with a bit more power to it than the SL's. I like these cars because they are predictable- you'll at some point replace the crankshaft sensor, belt tensioner, radiator, starter, alternator ect but nothing serious. Change the oil regularly and always keep a check on it and you'll be fine. My 1996 Saturn is still being drove by a friend i sold it to with 255,000 on the odometer. They are good cars take my word for it and don't be afraid of the age of one.


Very respectable car. Runs great at 200k!

So obviously this is a car you would encounter if your on a budget and in the used car market. I've owned two Saturns from the late 1990s and neither of them ever let me down. My current SC2 3 door coupe has over 200k miles and shows no signs of quitting. This is the dohc or twin cam engine which has decent pep and is highly reliable. The thing I love is how simple it is to fix and how cheap the parts are. Even though GM dropped Saturn from their line-up, you won't have trouble finding quality replacement parts for cheap. Ride quality is decent and spirited. The style is ahead of its time. I would only recommend Saturn vehicles until the early 2000s when GM just started rebadging Chevys.


Reliable and economical

This car has met and exceeded my needs, dent proof panels, plenty of leg room and with the rear seats down can carry as much groceries as my SUV.


Reliable and Efficient

This car was perfect for my long drives to school. Avgeraged around 30 mpgs. However the lack of power left much to be desired. Was a cool looking, reliable and efficient car. Never gave me problems and would definitely buy again.


Perfect Starter Car

This was my very first car, bought it in 2012 and had it for about 3 years. ALWAYS got me from A to B. Took a few out of state trips in it and had no problems. Amazing gas mileage for a somewhat older car. Very smooth ride as well. Started having a few minor issues toward the end of owning it: Radiator fan went out, passenger side window would not roll back up (electric windows), ignition would sometimes not want to start, and the Cadillac converter went out. But for a 99 model with 176,000 miles on it, I considered these to be very minor issues. I would highly recommend this as a starter car.


Perfect First Car

My SC2 was my first car...and after having it, I wouldn't have wanted anything else. As a teenager, I wanted something that didn't look like Granny's old Buick. It's a nice looking car and it sounds and feels like a car. I hate these new cars that sound like little electric golf carts and you don't feel that you're moving (which is a great way to get a ticket). I never had a problem finding parts, and it was really easy to work on (especially for a 17 yr old girl). It was so much fun to drive and I could depend on it to get me to school, work, and on vacations across the state. Love the fold down seats, and for a coupe, there is SO much room for storage...more than my mom's 05 Accord sedan. I love this car so much and I really wish Saturn was still in business.


Sad to see it go.

I just totaled my Saturn and was very sad to see it go... I got it as a gift from my then girlfriend and now wife. I only had to fix the brakes and the muffler in 3+ years of having this vechile. I will miss the great gas mileage and the way I knew everytime I went out there it would start no matter how cold it is. Air conditioner and heater were outstanding... I would totally recommend anyone who wants to get one to get it.


Saturs SC1 three doors 1999

Extraordinary car, the better car I ever had. Manintenance inexpensive, most of the work I do myself, easy to fix. Small engine, economic, reliable. Can't believe this car is not longer available. Great !! Saturn ... my car uis 265K miles and run like a charm.


Possibly the most reliable American car ever built

I've owned my SC1 coupe for 12 years and I couldn't have asked for a better value or more reliable car in all of that time. With some slight modifications, it's one of the sharpest looking cars I've seen and the styling of Saturn's late 90's SC series may be one of the best when you add a few touches here and there like alloy wheels and low profile tires. Before GM absorbed Saturn into their parts umbrella in 2003, these cars were reliable and built to compete with Honda and Toyota - hence the outstanding quality and reliability. Look no further than the fact that they were designed with a timing chain instead of a belt. The cars are also fun to drive too. When Saturn Performance Systems in Dayton, OH was still in business, they offered great performance upgrades for these cars, and when adding them, the car turned into a little beast like mine. In 12 years, the only thing that had to be fixed or replaced were: Radiator, PCV valve, crankshaft position sensor, EGR valve, serpentine belt, pulley tensioner, and a few hoses... All minor and cheap fixes. I couldn't recommend a better value if I tried.


Best car ever

Second time I have owned a Saturn and love them. They are reliable and drive very well. Starts all the time and get great mileage, GM had it right with the Saturn, this turned out to be a great car.