1996 Toyota Corolla consumer reviews

$12,728–$13,228 MSRP range
side view of 1996 Corolla Toyota
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 3.5
  • Reliability 4.9
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My first car and still have it 13 years later!

Love my corolla. It?s been a great vehicle! Toyota?s last forever and I always recommend Toyota?s to anyone looking for reliability! Great gas mileage too!


Most Reliable, Low-Maintenance Car

This car was built to last. I can't believe I'm still able to drive an over twenty year old car without issues. I've never had any mechanical issues. It goes pretty fast and is very gas efficient.


This car will flat take you where you need to go

Its a great car. Reliability is amazing. Drives and runs great with little over 200 thousand miles. Would recommend this car to anyone looking for reliability.


Unmatched reliability

1996 Toyota Corolla - base model, 1.6l 4cyl, 3spd auto. 251,200 miles, still running great and getting over 25mpg. It's not pretty anymore, but never fails to start and get me where I need to go. I have no plans to get rid of it until it is a complete death trap- lol.


Good car! Good price!

I brought it for my 17 year old son. Perfect for him. Very reliable. Outstanding for a first car and humble beginnings!


High mileage review

I know these are reliable cars over all, but I find it interesting these things (in this year rating) have a known transmission problem, (5 speed manual) and nowhere here in the bluebook ratings is it mentioned. (except for now). At 210,000 miles the car lost 4th gear, skipping 4th wasn't that big a deal, but then fairly quickly 3rd went out, followed by 5th, and then 2nd. Nearly 2000.00 to fix acording to the local trany place. Looks like I'll tow it within a couple blocks of a dealership and drive it into the lot using its last gear (1st) and trade it in... yes, for another corolla, but a newer one!


Still Running Strong

My wife and I bought this car with 35,000 miles in '99 and boy does it not owe us a dime. 270,000 miles! The distributor cap cracked at about 200,000 and we replaced the valve cover gasket at about 240,000. The A/C is still as cold as the day we bought it...Come on 300K! Thank you 'Yota!


my first car purchase

Purchased when I was 18, I was naturally unaware of the amount of maintenance required for a car owner, however this car needed very little. I drove the Corolla for 6 years with very few oil changes and very little maintenance required.


Good for money and boring

I have owned my 1996 Toyota Corrola DX for 3 years although it has been in my family ever since it was brand new. I have never had any problem with its Mechanics. The only issue beside it being the most boring and slow car in history.(and the fact that it is foreign, it was free so i took it), is the interior. Two cupholders in the whole car and won't even hold a Gatorade bottle they are so small. and the interior door handles break really easy. It's quite weird. One seatbelt cover broke as well. so its pretty much just low grade plastic in the interior that breaks. I also would like Cruise control but it is an older car I understand. If you are absolutely set on buying a foreign car (I strongly recommend buying something from the big 3) and you have no money and don't really need to get anywhere fast. This is the car for you


Over 222K and Just made first repair!

I bought this car in 1998 Used, 33K miles,It now has over 222K miles and I just had my first problem which all started with the Alarm that I haven't used in 5 yrs. It ended up costing me a tow, a new alternator, new starter fuse(not sure?) and a bunch of other little snow ball effect things, when in the end all I need was a relay fuse, which was replaced in the begining of this episode but the mechanic did not tightened properly and thus it would only start every other day. It ended up being this simple thing, so actually I have never had a single mechanical thing go wrong!!! I can put $5 worth of gas and get from my place to my boyfriends (65 miles away) and it just keeps running. I do practically no preventitive maint (I think in 12 yrs I had the oil changed 3 times, but if I add new oil when it is empty, didn't I thoretically change it? LOL!) this car is amazing! It doesn't look so great on the outside the hood and roof paint is faded badly, But the interior is in great shape. I literally run this car into the ground and she keeps performing like a champ! I am 39 yrs old and this car will out live me and my 21 yr old son. I cannot say enough about how great it is. I have gotten every inflated penny I paid for this car back ten fold. If you are thinking of buying a 1996 toyota corolla, DO IT, you will not be disappointed!!!