2013-2015 Ford Transit Connect: Recall Alert


Vehicles Affected:
Approximately 700 model-year 2013-15 Ford Transit Connect cargo and passenger vans with the 1.6-liter inline-four-cylinder EcoBoost engine built at the Valencia Assembly Plant in Spain. The recall also affects several other Ford vehicles.

The Problem: A lack of coolant circulation could cause the engine to overheat; over time this could cause a crack in the cylinder head, resulting in a pressurized oil leak that, in the presence of a heat source such as a hot engine surface, increases the risk of an under-hood fire.

The Fix: When service kits are available, Ford will install a new coolant level sensor, along with the supporting hardware and software, at no charge to the customer. Ford will mail customers instructions from the owner's manual on how to check and refill the engine coolant. Customers should see a dealer immediately if they find a coolant leak, overheating occurs or coolant regularly needs to be added.

What Owners Should Do: Ford did not immediately announce an owner-identification schedule. Owners can call the automaker at 800-392-3673 or go to to check their vehicle identification number and learn more.

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