$4 Gas Should Be Here June 6th

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I watched Matt Lauer try to get Exxon’s CEO to spill the beans about gas prices this morning. It was an interesting exchange and the executive was probably one of the best-prepared interviews I’ve seen on the show. You can watch the video below.

Because most analysts don’t foresee gas prices going down until after the busy summer driving season, we should easily see $4 a gallon gas nationally very soon. I picked June 6 because if we continue our pace of the past month or so of a penny a day, that’s when we’ll hit the magical $4 mark.

Lauer kept asking if this is when people would “walk away” from their cars. Because Chicago and other areas have been dealing with gas this high for a while, I don’t foresee that, and Exxon’s chief also pointed out that for many Americans there is no alternative mode of transportation to get to work.

What do you think will happen June 6 — or whatever day gas hits $4? Will we be desensitized to the price hikes by then? Will the recent failed comedy “Carpoolers” be more poignant? Let us know.

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