What to Do With Your Old iPad

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I put some of my son’s favorite shows on the iPad — he’s 3 years old and already uses about a dozen educational apps on it — and attached the iPad to the front seat of the 2011 Dodge Durango I was testing. He was mesmerized, as most kids are in cars equipped with DVD players and LCD screens.

But to me, the iPad is better. It has a bigger screen. It’s easier to transport, can do more — apps! — and once your child is old enough for headphones, the iPad will bring total peace to the cabin. Most rear entertainment systems sold with new cars cost around $2,000 as an option. You’ll likely find a used one going for less than $300 online. New, the original iPad will cost $399.

In the Durango, the iPad sat high enough to avoid any inadvertent — or advertent — kicks from my son.

There’s only one real problem. If you have two kids, you’ll need two iPads. Time to go online and underbid on one of those other poor suckers looking to upgrade this weekend.

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