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This seller has been on Cars.com since February 2004.
Welcome to Walker Chevrolet! We have proudly served the Middle Tennessee Chevrolet community since 1926. We are a local family owned business going back three generations. As a committed and historically respected dealership we serve our customers with the highest possible integrity and honesty. At Walker our goal is to meet your needs by offering the most modern and convenient access to our online services. Read on to learn more about the Walker Chevrolet dealership and what we offer online - or stop by our Chevrolet Franklin showroom to see for yourself!
"We Do DEALS The Other Guys Just Won't!"

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(104 reviews)

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Best Chevy dealership hands down. Best customer service....

Best Chevy dealership hands down. Best customer service. Scott is the best sales representative ever !


Purchasing was smooth and everyone was friendly, but...

Purchasing was smooth and everyone was friendly, but that's where the facade runs out at this dealership. The disaster that ensued is far too much to detail but what I can say is, out of all the dealerships I've ever purchased from, this one takes the cake in utter lack of care for customers and securing future business with them as well as a good reputation for themselves. They are only catering to you should your experience be a positive one. Reminds me so much of the narcissistic ex I was once married to. Don't let the reviews fool you 🤡 I work in social media and know the tricks to ensure higher levels of ratings. 8 weeks after driving off the lot I had put $2500 of my own money into the vehicle they sold me BUT WAIT 🍀LUCKY ME🍀 I was #blessed enough to win their $500 gift certificate they giveaway (ironically, also much like that narcissistic ex, coming with terms and conditions I was not aware of until after receiving - but that's another story). When I called to inform them of the xxx they sold me, they were all too kind to let me jump through 3 hoops of approval to use this $500 gift card, normally allowed to be used only in their gift shop, for parts for the bucket they sold me. Feeling #blessed once again, even though frustrated to get that approval, I walked in with a smile and a little less respect for the place. I get my $500 worth of parts to help with an $1800 repair at the mechanic's shop and SURPRISE 🎉 every single part was wrong for my vehicle leaving me to pay the mechanic an additional $500 for the correct parts. I returned the parts and instead of being credited the $500 amount back I requested a new key fob but never received the balance of the $500 credit. With a sigh of relief, over $3k less in savings and the fury of xxxx raging within me that due to their incompetence I not only had to shove out another $500 but also wasted an hour driving there and back to return the parts all while using my own gas!! Could I be any luckier?! I left with the intense desire to never look back. But, there was more in store, another expensive disaster later and I phoned Hunter (who is probably too good to even be associated with this place) in desperation. Another expensive repair. He said he would see what he could do - the solution Walker Chevrolet in Franklin offered me? "Here are vehicle options that will cost you $400+ more a month and have higher mileage" 😳😳 All I could do was laugh in disbelief at the situation from xxxx to ensure I would not unleash all the xxxx-rage within me. I chose this car because it accommodates the size of my family and needs - their solution was either pay more for the same or downsize the vehicle and pay the same - win-win, am I right?! I expressed my feelings of being slapped in the face and was promised a call from the manager. The dealership, full of surprises like that xxxx Cracker Jack box, never called back. Customer service is strong with this one. $500 more down the tube the week after this pathetic conversation 💸💸💸 I am unsure that I have ever seen a mechanic so happy as I now provide more jackpots than a Vegas slot. What bothers me most about this entire fiasco, the complete failure of customer service, is it is unlikely they were unaware of the issues wrong with the vehicle they sold me. I have been around cars my entire life, went to school to learn how to fix them and have had mechanics play a role in my personal life from a young age. The issues that they sold to me (while telling me the car was looked over by their team and ensured me it was good) could have been disastrous accidents waiting to happen with life-threatening consequences for my family and me. These were not minor issues. They were wheels having the possibility to fall off while on the interstate, gas leaking and contaminating, complete brake failure and so on. The most basic of things - providing enough engine oil after changing the oil - was not done at Walker and it almost cost me thousands upon thousands to fix that. These are the techs behind the scenes folks. Like any other faulty product advertisement (better known as infomercials) "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!" I leave this morning to take my children to school and now the vehicle won't start and it won't even turn over. My familiar friend, the check engine light is once again shining bright for me ⭐️like the superstar it is. If you want to pay thousands of dollars just to spend more than said thousands of dollars and be disrespected while doing so, then this is your place.


Long time customer. Service fine, not a fan of the new...

Long time customer. Service fine, not a fan of the new method of communication via text. Should have been told about it. Interior of vehicle very dirty as what it used to look like after service!


They always do a great job when we take our car in to...

They always do a great job when we take our car in to them. And we would not take it anywhere else. We are very happy with them they are awesome.


Worst customer experience ever. Had an appointment for a...

Worst customer experience ever. Had an appointment for a specific car. Financing approved with three different banks, told sales I just needed to come drive it to verify it fit the bill. Set the appointment, showed up early. They were in the process of selling the car. Didn’t call or reach out in any way. Then had the gall to text me to see how my experience went, then an email from the guy that told me it was sold giving me more information on the car. Look elsewhere