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(5 reviews)

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Worst dealer in Houston

Absolute worst dealer in Houston. Owner is a xxxxxxx. Bought a piece of crap. Do not purchase from this idiot...



**ALERT**- THESE PEOPLE ARE SELLING VEHICLES WITH FALSE MILEAGE** I purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra truck 2 weeks ago from this dealership and first, immediately noticed transmission issues. I wanted to return the truck but the dealer refused and decided to fix it. Repairs were done but I was not given any form of receipt as to what exactly was done after requesting several times. Second, I decided to take my truck to Carmax a couple days ago for an appraisal as I was interested in a different vehicle they had for sale. The manager called me in his office after appraisal was done and asked me a few questions and notified me that whoever I purchased my Truck from, changed the odometer, Carmax knew because they sold the vehicle at their Carmax Auction and this dealership, Belle's Auto, purchases many vehicles from them. I bought the truck with 89,000 miles but it actually has 139,000 miles! I called the the Texas state DMV department to confirm and I have proof. This information was not showing on CARFAX! When I decided to return the truck and stop payment to Belle's Auto and confront them Miguel told me I still have to Pay!! They are only concerned about getting paid!! This is a federal offense and currently my family and I are ongoing the best form of action! I HIGHLY ADVISE DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALER!! THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY THIS DEALER READ THE REVIEWS!


Not recommended

Do not put your trust in this individual. I have nothing to hide. I purchased a lemon because of my challenged credit and it turned out for the worst. I'm stuck with car that doesn't run. Buyer beware. My testimony should tell you something.


08' BMW X5

Buyers beware! Do not purchase from this individual. This dealer has junk cars. I lost $1500. Do not make the same mistake that I did. I purchased a junk Bmw X5 and had to return it within 2 weeks. I lost my down payment $1500 and to top it off dealer placed a repo on my credit after assuring me he wouldn't. Stay away from this place.


nissas altima

Very good dealership you come but ur car from them

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