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by from Tallahassee, FL on September 17, 2017

This is my first hybrid BMW, but I've been leasing BMW's for 25 years now. This car is the FIRST hybrid 7 Series in Tallahassee, FL. This is my fifth 7 series. I always order my car so that I can pick and choose everything though the exterior color is always the same - silver. But this time I decided to spend the money for Individual Composition, an expensive option, and I'm very pleased with my decision. Though I've had this car for a month, I haven't driven it but just around town. But this week I will be going on a business trip of almost 500 miles one-way, so I'm looking forward to the experience. I'm especially interested in seeing how I do in gas mileage since it's a hybrid car. So far, I've been getting about 13 miles on a charge, and I understand that this number will increase as I drive it more and on longer trips. I'm hoping it will get up to about 30 miles on a charge which is what I was told by the salesman. I like all of the cool options that I selected like the interior lighting, the interior fragrance, the special moonroof with "stars" and the premium sound system by Bowers & Wilkens. Hopefully, by the time this 39-month lease is up, BMW will have a fully electric vehicle other than the i3 or the i8. I'd love to have the i8, but at my age, I don't want to have to work hard to get into and out of a car, so that's why this 7 series is perfect for me.
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