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2017 Mazda CX-5 consumer reviews

$24,045–$25,345 MSRP range
side view of 2017 CX-5 Mazda
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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The customer service at Mazda is the best!!! They

Had a couple problems that Mazda fixed.overall it's been a really good experience. I will now be a long time customer with Mazda and will send people their way.


Excellent CRV for the price.

This car was all I wanted. Love the way it dri es. Handles very well in bad weather. Very comfortable interior and love the color.


This car is all that I envisioned and more!

The handling of this vehicle is impeccable! It's sleek, and has the look of a luxury suv; but at a fraction of the cost. The ammenities are top notch and the Bose system is awesome. Great job Mazda!!! No wonder there are so many CX5's on the road!


Brand New Used CX-5

I was looking for a quality, small to mid size AWD SUV that would be roomy for large adults, good storage space, could last 200,000 miles and descent gas mileage. I have not purchased a car since 2008 and quickly realized that I my bucket list was not in my price range for a new car. The 2017 Mazda CX-5 has everything I could want and the price of the used car made it affordable even with the slightly higher interest rate. I have taken 3 road trips in the first week with the car and the comfort and confidence is amazing.


Always a joy to drive

This car is engineered so well. The technology is seamless. Mazda has thought of everything from the safety features to the overall design. Completely satisfied with my decision.


So much food almost outweighs the negative.

For starters, I wish I had chosen the Touring model. I have a 2017 Sport AWD in Soul Red. I skimped in price and didn?t pay much attention to what I was missing out on for a little more money. That?s my biggest regret. I digress. My biggest issue with this vehicle is the paint. The Soul Red is absolutely to die for! It is amazingly beautiful but poorly applied. Read reviews on chipping and scratching. My Cx5 has 3k miles on it and the paint is going to crap. Swirl marks and chips/scratches everywhere. I drive entirely in the city and has gone through the same was as my wife?s Black 2018 Highlander (who?s paint still looks fantastic, even though it?s black and notorious for swirls) so it?s nothing I?m doing. That is an absolute drag... So close Mazda. I paid $600 for this paint and wish I wouldn?t have. The ride is great and quiet. It has double paned window glass (go look for yourself) roll down the drivers window and look. Find another $27k car that offers that. I?ll wait. It?s just large enough inside for me and my 3 kids to run to and from school. If our family of 5 goes, it has to stay home. Kids are 13,11,9 and in the back three across they are crammed in there like sardines. Gas mileage is acceptable for what you get but the power is not. Mazda does a good job of concealing the fact that it?s underpowered by great shift points and gearing. However, if you?re not going stop light to stop light and need to depend on power to merge onto an interstate or pass, you?ll quickly see how underpowered it is. Rumor has is the 2019 will be offered with a 2.5 Turbo. As soon as I?m not negative on my current cx5 if that is the case, I?ll be trading it in for a turbo Touring with options and white paint, so fast it?ll make your head spin. If the paint holds up better and Mazda gives me options I expect in a new car and an extra 50 HP or so, I?d be hard pressed to find another vehicle near this price that offers such a complete package. As of now, because of the paint and lack of power, it?ll get 4 stars from me even though I really like it, A lot...


Luxury, for a not so Luxury price

My husband bought his a year ago. when I started my new car search a few months later I refused to look at the Mazda because I didn't want the same car as him. after weeks of test drives, I found that if I wanted the tech package and all the luxury items I was either going to have to spend 20K more than I really wanted to or pick a different color C-X5. His is Soul Red Crystal, mine is Crystal Blue.


Dream car

I love this car so so so so so much!! I?ve been looking for this car for awhile and I?ve finally found my dream car!


Just excellent.

It?s impressive the low noise from the road inside the CX-5, very confortable and plenty of power. The Radio and touch panel are just great!


Beautiful for an affordable price

Great vehicle for someone who wants the luxury feel but can not afford a true luxury car. Handles beautifully and the interior is beautiful. This was my first car after owning a Toyota Corolla for 10 years and I love getting in my car everyday. It?s simple, not too crazy with wicked lines in the exterior modeling and the inside is soft and simple as well. I absolutely love my new car