1997 Pontiac Firebird

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1997 Pontiac Firebird

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Consumer reviews

Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 5.0
  • Reliability 4.3

Most recent consumer reviews


The Best Experience in a Fast Car

Its not designed for comfort but it IS designed for speed and that’s exactly what this car will give you. Perfect for impressing pretty much anyone!


Cheap Muscle

I've owned my 1997 Trans am automatic for 12 years! I truly love this car but it comes with it's issues. If you want to buy one, look for one that has been taken care of properly. The good: It's fast and handles pretty well in warm weather. I've street raced a ton of people being 18 when I bought it, and won a majority of the races, outside of a Corvette, a ls1 Camaro, a mach 1 mustang (newer version), and a twin turbo rs-7. It runs faster than most cars on the road and the couple times I've taken it to the drag track it's been fun! Sounds great! Have magnaflow exhaust and it's perfect. T-tops are nice. Reliable*** if you consider getting you a-b this thing has only broken down twice from 98k-183k miles. Fuel pump was my fault when I ran it out of gas and a random broken distributor cap from prior owner neglecting to change it. All in all with proper maintenance I would never have been on the side of the road. Never burned any oil Auto Transmission is BULLETPROOF and can handle up to 450hp supposedly no problem. Looks. The bad: this thing constantly needs something repaired. To name a few you will have to replace window motors and headlight motors due to large windows and faulty headlight motor gear. It's leaked oil the whole time I've owned it, now it's leaking power steering fluid, emissions is a constant battle for everyone with these cars and not easy to figure out what is wrong, I've replaced every peice of emmissions equipment except O2 sensors and the check engine light is on for that now, burns some coolant and the low coolant light is known for coming on in these things. Other issues are more normal maintenance but most of the listed issues have gone on the entire time I've owned the vehicle. Everything is tightly fit, so there's no easy task when working on the engine. Changing spark plugs is a nightmare. This thing should not be driven in snow or ice. I did for 5 years and it was by far the worst driving vehicle I've driven in those conditions. It's spins tires super easy when it's cold out with all that torque and limited electronic control which sucks because part of what makes it so fun is that it's fast, and it's not fast 5 months out of the year in Idaho because the tires spin so easy- make sure you plan on paying for untra high performance all seasons or get a set of winter tires. Even a nice 40 degree day could end up with you sideways on a public road. Gas mileage is 13.5 winter 16 summer and you have to use premium. 19-20 going 80 on the highway. You will do better with a 6 speed based on what others say but only a couple mpg. Not horrible but again, not great for daily driver. Loud- this car is loud which is fun for a bit, but I've taken it on trips and mountain drives and getting into my 30s it will give me a headache. Not just the exhaust I have which is pretty mild but there is tons of road and wind noise. Overall: this is a purpose built vehicle that's fun to drive on the weekends and a younger me wasn't bothered by all of the bad things, but this isnt a good daily driver for most people. I still love this vehicle and it has a lot of sentimental value from all of the good times and just being a badass muscle car that looks and sounds good and is pretty fast. If I lived in a warm climate year round and didn't have to pay for a daily driver allowing me to afford to fix all the little issues as they came up I would probably give the trans am a really high rating. If you have extra money and want to spend time wrenching on your vehicle then this is a fun updated version of a muscle car that would be perfect for you


Superior power & handling, prepare for repair bill

I truly love this car! It turns heads and is unbelievable. The car corners like "it is on rails." Accelerating into a sharp curve is the norm. The power is superior. The vehicle can easily pass multiple cars in a flash. This vehicle is a modern muscle car with a sleek design and intriguing exterior. The amazing design, power and agility of this car is like no other. Gas mileage is decent for a V8 engine. The T-tops are awesome in warm weather, but leak when it rains. I think this is a design flaw. The bucket seats sit on the floor of the vehicle, so long rides can become quite uncomfortable. The original stock seats lack pelvic and lumbar cushioning. The doors swing out wide, so it is nearly impossible to exit the vehicle if someone parks close to you. Advice, park far away from everyone and anyone. The visibility isn't great. The vehicle has blind spots and sits low to the ground, nose diving over areas with uneven payment. The vehicle is reliable, if you can keep up with constant repairs. Many parts on the vehicle are made cheaply or simply not designed to last. The parts are not expensive to replace, but labor adds up quickly. I would recommend this vehicle, but only if you have/know a good mechanic. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend.

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