2016 Porsche Cayman consumer reviews

$52,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 Cayman Porsche
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 5.0
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 5.0
  • Reliability 4.9
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Up there with the best

Over the years I’ve owned 2 Carrera’s, a MB SL 550, a Maserati and a Ferrari 360. For the price, the Cayman ranks right up there with the best!


Best car I've ever driven or owned!

I wanted a sports car and this car delivers in every way! Plenty of room for all body parts. The GTS is awesome!( Its a 2018 but your box did not have that year as an option???) This car is a head turner and the best to drive. I will alway own a Porsche now!


Most true sports car that you can buy- GT4

The GT4 is the ultimate sports car. It's very fast but not a dragster- if you want to go fast in a strait line, get a corvette or Tesla. This thing is all about the joy of a road course. It's like a ferrari 458 for a 1/3 the cost. Yeah, GT3 is faster, but not more fun.


Beautiful Perfect 2016 CaymanS

Vehicle is the perfect little sports car, with the right amount of power. This car was difficult to find, especially because it is a manual. We have had many Porsches including a GT4 and currently GT3 RS, by far this is the most fun car for driving around town and perfect for everyday use.


The best of 6 Porsches’ I’ve owned

I hate departing with it but Father Time has given me the hint. I haven’t seen a Cayman that meets the premium condition of this one.


Can’t go wrong

This is absolutely the ideal drivers car. If you love to drive you’ll love this car. It handles like a dream.... stops on a dime.... accelerates like an arrow from a cross-bow. It would be nice if Porsche had a Turbo 6 version but they don’t want this car to upstage their flagship 911. But more than that it’s absolutely one of the sexiest cars for the money ever created. Plus it’s a PORSCHE (pronounced Por’-sha)


2016 Cayman Base, 36K mi.

As reliable as my Honda. One major Warranty service, easily accomplished. Words cannot describe driving this car (6-Speed) from a handling (and braking) prospective. I'm not talking about racing, just trying to drive in daily traffic! Very unique and distinctly German styling. Easy on parts. Oil change every 5k miles, simple to do yourself. Great on gas; 27MPG at low Autobahn speeds


Just a perfect sports car

I’d love an extra 30-40 hp but understand why it has what it has. The balance is perfect. The driving experience is sublime. In GTS trim the look is aggressive but very classy. Mine is all black with the black 20” wheels and it turns heads more than a Cayman has a right to! You will not regret any Cayman purchase - but the sound from the 14-16 sport exhaust is a dream.



I moved up from a BMW 3 series to the Porsche Cayman which is a significant leap. Overall the handling and power are better and the build is solid. I have yet to have any real complaints about the vehicle. Perhaps you can ding Porsche for the cost of the options but the overall pricetag for a base Cayman considering the performance is very good. A significant percentage of the options are cosmetic in nature so its a path you don't necessarily need to go down. Comparing it with provided options on current 2018 vehicles the gadgets are on the low side but it balances out with the ride and performance which few other manufacturers can equal in a production vehicle. I prefer a simpler button interface with the instrument panel vs the touch screen complexity that seems to pervade todays cars. I find the touch screen menus distracting and difficult to modify while driving. I guess car manufacturers are reacting to the cell phone society we have become. Porsche has a good balance between digital and analog. Suspension is stiff like all sports cars so beware of your ride in a major northern city with pot holes. Good gas mileage for a sports car. You will be noticed. The engine sound and the incredible styling turn heads if you are into that. i'm looking forward to a long ownership of my Porsche that rivals the 14 years I had with my BMW 330ci.


The most (performance) car for money you can get!

This Porsche GT4 is my daily driver and it is equipped with the optional 918 Porsche racing bucket seats. Prior to purchasing this vehicle, I had a Cayman R with the same seats and I really liked them, so I decided to get them on this car. I have to say, that they are amazing. Most people who get in my car do not like getting in and out of them, but once they are sitting in them, they always comment on how good they feel. The ride is firm, but it does not beat you up. I have driven my car from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles and it is extremely fun to drive. The amount of technology that is bespoke to this vehicle is amazing; especially, when you consider that it costs less than $100k. Highly recommend this car.