2021 Tesla Model Y consumer reviews

$39,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Model Y Tesla
56% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.5
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 3.7
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Tesla UP your game or your going down

So very disappointed. My Model 3 may not be the $150,000 model but I expected so much more. There is no luxury, the car is butt ugly so plain, not even a grill nothing at the front of the car to give it some class and style. You get electric nothing more. Mines already had to be taken back twice and it’s new. It’s been in their repair shop at least 10 days. The absolute worst thing is comfort, it’s feels like riding on a wood sit, the headrest is so hard and with the car being such a rough ride your head is constantly hitting it and it hurts. Not a vehicle you would want to take on a long trip. It looks like Lexus and Cadillac are coming out with electric cars and Tesla will not be able to compete with their looks and comfort. Tesla you are going to have to up your game. My advice on buying Tesla…DONT! Wait until next year and compare Lexus and Cadillac electric cars. I don’t think there will be any comparison.


Watch out for Model Y functionality

Few years ago, I used to have a Model S and I really liked it! Now, I got a model Y and it is NOT worth the money as you can buy an EV with much more functionality for half the price! This Tesla model Y wobbles, it does not come with "summon" functionality, no garage door opener etc etc. If you want any of this you have to pay extra on top of what I have already paid over $60K! This is may mast TESLA! No wonder Bill gate shorted Tesla share! Smart man!


Good EV, mediocre car, bad service

We have driven the car for close to 5000 miles in 3 1/2 months. It is a good EV (acceleration, energy cosumption and charging, especially the Supercharger, work great). The ride in the car is much more bumpy than we expected - the VW eGolf we had before offered a more comfortable ride. On our last trip strange things happened: warning lights appeared, functions like lane-assist and cruise control stopped working, energy use went way up, navigations got very sluggish, and when we pulled into a Supercharger, the picture in rear-view camera became badly delayed. I had heard wonderful things about what Tesla is able to do with all the data the car collects ('That data enables our engineers and service teams to assess vehicle health remotely and diagnose, and potentially proactively resolve your concerns.') None of that turned out to be true: after three days of messages I have not received any information on what happpened on Saturday. The car seems to be back to normal, but I have lost trust in it, and would like to know what was going on, and unterstand what is done to prevent this from happening again.


Not worth the Price.

The price of this model y is not affordable and not worth the price for the quality build , you only paying the technology. Customer Service is not knoligible about the product.


Amazing daily driver

Great daily driver, feels extremely safe and easy to control. Also has a great amount of cargo room and leg room for passenger comfort. The safety features are unmatched when compared to any other car.


All known Tesla technology is a lie.

I live in Texas and have owned a 2021 Model Y for about 6 months. I am using FSD. FSD is completely different from what is known. It's a scam. In particular, FSD cannot be used locally. I'm ready to die and I don't know if I'll use it, so it accelerates without reducing speed in sharp braking cornering. Recommended if you like roller coasters. Just buy life insurance. Turn left and turn right ??.. like a slug walking... Then, suddenly, it accelerates and, most importantly, it goes well, and then suddenly the brake suddenly becomes bright. Even when there is no car in front of you. If you happen to have a car behind you, the fear is immense. I almost got into an accident with the car behind me, so I can't use it at all. The brake brightness is not just a sudden brake, it is bright enough to blow the body forward. It's not just me, it's the same for everyone around me who uses FSD. People who are Tesla YouTubers get really sick of it... It's all lies. Mileage is different from indicated and very short. The Model Y Long is marked over 300 miles, but... Actual usable distance on the highway without regenerative restart is less than 250 miles. To conserve battery life at the low and high capacity limits, the usable range is actually around 150 miles. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to travel long distances because it needs to be charged frequently. I don't know the mileage using regenerative regeneration locally.


Long range is long gone...

I've owned my tesla for a little over a year now. I can safely say that this is a city car, not a distance car. Stay with fuel if you're a traveler like myself. You're only wasting your time at the superchargers waiting and for me, time is money. If you think the range it's estimating is accurate, don't fool yourself. I lose about 80 miles, and that's no chump change when you add it up.


New and improved!!!

This is our second Tesla (first is a 2019 Model 3). Wow, what they've been able to accomplish after just a couple years is astounding. Sound proofing is drastically better, center console is way more useful, and the ride quality is smooth as butter. Absolutely love our newer Tesla even more!


Most impressive car I was test driven.

I will have to say I was impressed, yet not overwhelmed. The Model 3 was very high tech. But not in a sense of Futuristic. But in a sense of Non-conventional convenience. Example; Everything is through the touch display. You cannot see anything like vents or switches, except for the turn signals and directional (RPND) selector. Yet this provides the car with very sleek appearance free from distractions. The display was very nice, very responsive and easy to navigate. It does however attract finger prints. I will say with the brightness all the way up the finger prints are less noticeable. I also thought before driving the Model 3, looking at the display while driving would be pull my attention from the road, but that was not the case. I actually enjoy where the display is located. The driving experience is pretty similar to a petrol powered car. With no engine noise I expected to hear more road and wind noise but I was impressed even at 75mph the car was quiet. The pedal feel great and are located far enough apart that my foot doesn’t hit both pedals or get caught on the brake pedal. The acceleration was definitely quick and took me by surprise. The 3 options for steering response were definitely noticeable as I changed through them. And there are 3 brake options as well for how the car response after you have come to a complete stop, and let off the pedal, surely a option Worth utilizing. Im also not sold 100% on the “Auto-Pilot” software at this moment, it however is very Different from what I have experienced as a driver, but I believe I would still purchase this option, as Tesla is progressively improving this feature. In general the car had a lush sporty feel to it. There were some quality issues with the plastic moldings on the pillars next to the front seats(mind you this was there only drivable display car because of COVID. And some people can be reckless with things that aren’t theirs). I was not impressed with the seat material, to me it felt like it will be prone to ripping at the stitches, It just felt stretchy And I’m concerned about its durability, especially with me as the main driver and I happen to be on the larger side then most people. But the seat padding is firm yet plush, most certainly a comfortable seat. The car is low and I felt at my height I had to fall into the driver seat, People who are larger or older may be unable to get into the Model 3 because of the ride height. I also could not fit in the rear seat due to leg room after I adjusted the driver to a comfortable position for myself, and the rear door height is is low and I have to do a crunch to make clearance for my head to pass through, yet once in the car I had adequate head room. There is a lot of useable cargo space for luggage and groceries In the front truck and rear trunk. The dealership was definitely knowledgeable and answered a lot of my technical and practicality questions. One thing that is a must for me And something I would have to buy is a spare tire separately, or purchase a tire repair kit. But that seems to be the move for most manufacturers. According to the Tesla dealership because of the regenerative braking, brake pad and rotor service is at 100,000miles, which is significantly longer then what my current vehicle manufacturer estimates. The maintenance appears to be less expensive then owning a petrol powered car. And the small Cabin air filter is a job I can do myself when the time comes, if I wanted. And for unpredictable break downs the warranty is very solid, and is competitive compared to what is offered by other makes. I did look at a larger Model Y, Tesla’s Compact SUV. This model is the solution to the interior space issues I referenced earlier for the Model 3. It has the same Tech as the Model 3. It was roomy, especially with leg room. The ride height is nice and super easy to enter and exit, it’s perfect for people with less flexibility or who have larger frames. It does however get 40 miles or so less range then the model 3. But that’s a fair trade for larger size. After my limited experience with driving a Tesla, and after hours of reading reviews and watching videos about others and their experiences, I give the Tesla 4 out of 5 and recommend people to at a minimum schedule a test drive.


Best car ever period

If you are not driving a Tesla you are missing out. This EV is like a regular car but just drives like the future. Don’t be afraid get it and get FSD worth it if you have the money.