Tesla Drops Model X Base Trim

16Tesla_Model-X_BW_25.jpg 2016 Tesla Model X | photo by Brian Wong

CARS.COM — If you were hoping to pop over to a Tesla store and fork over minimal dollars for a new Model X electric SUV, you’re about to be disappointed: Tesla has dropped the base trim 60D SUV from its lineup. It has disappeared from the company’s website without explanation from the company, leaving the least-expensive Model X SUV to be the $86,700 all-wheel-drive 75D. All prices include destination fees.

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This effectively means that you’ll be shelling out roughly $11,500 more for the least-expensive Model X, but we’re not sure that this is going to matter all that much. Base models aren’t where Tesla sees most of its volume anyway.

The company has scheduled a press conference for Oct. 17, but has not said what will be discussed at this announcement — perhaps it will be an explanation of the rejiggered Model X lineup, or an update on the progress of the upcoming Model 3.

If you don’t want “falcon doors” or the extra headroom that the SUV provides, you can still get a Model S sedan for less cash, with the least expensive Tesla being the Model S 60 rear-wheel-drive trim with its 219-mile range that’s still available for $67,200. Prices don’t include any potential state, local or federal rebates, or tax credits for which the buyer may also qualify.

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