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When you want a great deal on a great used car truck or SUV come to TJ Chapman Auto! We strive to stand out and be different in the auto industry with our transparancy guarantee. Our branded title vehicles have been meticulously rebuilt to provide you the reliability you deserve and what's more we offer them at Rock Bottom prices. We are a family owned business and still offer you personal customer service.

OUT OF STATE -- We are located 7 minutes away from the SLC International Airport. We can pick you up put you in a test drive and have you on your way with your new vehicle within an hour. We also ship nationwide.|

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(76 reviews)

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Terrible experience and terrible customer service!

I can see why the reviews are so bad. Four days ago (Friday) we sent a request about a vehicle. Saturday we hadn't received a reply, so we called and yes, the car was available. This would be my son's first time buying a vehicle, so I was helping him. We spoke to salesman Zack and had some questions on an extended warranty with the vehicle. My son had been pre-approved, so we just needed details. Zack said their finance manager would be calling to get paperwork started and answer questions. No one called Saturday! Monday, we finally called THEM back. Oh yes....our paperwork was on Jamie's desk (finance) but they were short staffed, so they were going to call today. We went over warranty options and then asked for a purchase order to be sent over with a warranty, and one without, and we would forward them to the bank (this was 9:30am). My son received a text that someone else was looking at the car, but when we asked, they didn't take deposits. The purchase order finally came through, but was incorrect, so we called Jamie at 10:30am and left a message. By 11am, she hadn't called back so we called again, and were told that she would be given the message. By noon, no one had called and we were again told that someone else was interested. 3pm rolls around and no one had called or emailed new paperwork, so yet again, we call. While we are on the phone with yet another salesman, my son gets ANOTHER text saying a local person was interested and wondered how our financing paperwork was coming. Well if we had the paperwork, it would be great. I asked to speak to a manager and Jason apologized, again said they were understaffed, but also said he didn't know of anyone else looking at the vehicle. He worked on getting us a new purchase order. At 3:50pm Frank, a DIFFERENT finance person, emailed my son the new order. Guess what? Wrong again! So we email Frank back, no response. We call, voicemail. Finally we chat to Jason again, and then JAMIE texts back saying she will get the corrected order to us. After waiting another 30 minutes, nothing shows up, and my son gets a text that the vehicle sold to another person. Called and left a message for the manager to call me back to lodge a complaint and guess what? He's busy and will call me back. I'm still waiting! The lack of owness, lack of customer service, and lack of communication all make this a dealer to STAY AWAY from at all costs! Terrible experience!


They didn’t respond to my request about the Cadillac

They didn’t respond to my request about the Cadillac CTSV, I’m very disappointed


TJ Chapman won't provide Title to vehicle.

This review has the ability to change. I have been involved with my 18-year old son buying his first car from a used car dealership. So far, this has been status quo of bad used car dealer experience. Blake was our salesman, and he was fine enough. Play-by-play on the "negotiating" talk. Nothing unpredictable. It was a very inexpensive car as my son wanted a "project". Car has been fine. The employees of TJ Chapman doing their job professionally, promptly and legally has been another matter. We were told that the car was sold as a Tax-Towaway. He purchased it on 12/24/2022. As he signed the paperwork he was told the title was "at another location" and "no one was there", but would be mailed to us in 4-5 days. Now, with a Tax-Towaway no temp tags were provided. Understood. I was skeptical of him leaving without title in hand, but he was eager. Too eager. Also, 4-5 isn't allowed by Utah Law. I am sure they know this. They just didn't know I knew they were required to provide within 48 hours. I didn't see any real need to make a stink because it was the holidays and I do understand schedules are very off. 4-5 days seemed reasonable. Now we are 1/5/2023. He cannot register the car because...still no title. He has stopped in to the dealership likely 3-4 times since the 4-5 day elapsed. Blake has been helpful, but truthfully his job is done. My son has been referred to Shallen, a title person. He was told the title would be overnighted to us 1/3. A tracking number shows a label was created, but no processing by FedEx. I called and spoke with Shallen today twice. She is not good at two sided conversations. She very much just wants to tell you what is up and have little to no dialogue. Found out the FedEx location she claims she took the title to. Called and spoke with the manager. She took 20 minutes and turned her store upside-down looking for said envelope. Nothing. Manager of FedEx was more willing to help resolve current matter than Shallen. So I called back Shallen. In a nutshell, she said she cannot help me anymore and needs to turn this over to the Controller, Liz. Still awaiting Liz to call. This all seemed shady from the start, and their actions aren't helping. There isn't much wiggle room for them on the law, so they need to produce the title asap, need to file for a lost title or need to refund my son. The law is on his side as the buyer. Trying to avoid bringing in larger parties, but this is absolutely a possibility. He won't wait another week, two weeks, month. TJ Chapman is behind on legal resolution. Someone needs to step in to resolve this. Willing to discuss, just no longer willing to be told to wait for something that is 10 days overdue.



Selling an NSX with 285,786 mile but listing as 28k miles. If that doesnt scream scammer I dont know what does. And a branded title?!?


Don't sign for LoJack. $800 you don't have to buy

So everyone's aware when you buy vehicle here you do not have to get the LoJack. You're being charged or paying 800 bucks (more if you finance it) that you don't need to. They buy it for their tracking system for their use of keeping track of their vehicles but then so they don't have to eat the cost of it they push it off onto you as a security device that you could realistically use a Samsung tag or an Apple air tag for a much cheaper price of like 30 bucks. so it's not in your best interest to get it it's in theirs and so they push it. Do not sign the piece of paper that says you'll take the LoJack to save them the paperwork even if they say they'll just write you a check for it when you get there to make up the difference so they don't have to do the paperwork again. It won't happen as you'll see in the photos I'm going to attach. I still haven't received a check for it. The LoJack was returned to them before leaving the city and as of December 12th 2022 I still don't have a check for the LoJack that I don't have service for nor equipment for which I didn't want in the beginning I've also got the audio logs and the audio recording of me with the personnel inside commenting that I didn't want it that I had no intention of having it because I have an app on my phone that records all my calls and generally when doing business I record the conversations The app I use is called (all call recorder) or ACR it's useful for times like this.


Add $850 to the listing price, +floor mats, ++++

Warning! $850 in unnegotiable dealer fees! No floor mats included with cars. Not even half a tank of gas or decent windshield wipers. The dealership advertises low prices, but it's a sham to pull in customers. Sales will say, "I don't know what the dealer fees are." Then when you commit to buy they turn you over to Finance who suprises you with the fees, fees, fees, and bad news. This is true for alll customers, paying cash or financing the vehicle purchase.


dont recommend

this dealer never answer any requests, no Carfax available on any car. very suspicious, I guess they sell salvage cars so dont offer car history


All around poor customer service

Tried for 2 weeks to buy a vehicle, I sent in my Loan application and all supporting paperwork ( Twice ) made several phone calls, texts and emails with no returns. After reading all these reviews I think it was for the best.


Jeff in sales was top notch!

Jeff in sales was top notch! I really wanted to complete the sale. However, once I was moved over to finance, things seemed to fall apart. I hurried to secure my loan check from my bank and get it overnighted via fedex. I was responding and getting responses within minutes regarding updated status of the payment delivery. Then, once i sent a picture of the check, proving payment, silence for hours. I even called twice to try and wire the remaining down payment. Then late at night when the check was supposed to be delivered, I got a short email saying the car had been sold… after I already sent payment and took out the loan from my bank and prepared my insurance for it. Needless to say I was very upset and shocked. I wasn’t looking for the car to to be held while I “think about it” I was rushing to secure the car/payment, yet I was told it was sold anyway. So I demanded my check be sent back asap to me return to my lender. The next day after my check was sent back by someone else, I was called again and apologized to, and told that the car wasn’t actually sold it was a mistake and I could still buy it. Needless to say, after saving up and not buying a new car for almost a decade, I was not interested. I ended up finding a certified 2018 Ghibli more local for only 2k more in price. They state in their reviews that they have “addressed the issue” with prior mishaps but obviously these types of issues keep happening.


Potentially dangerous business

I am severely disappointed with my experience with TJ Chapman Auto. First of all when I took my truck home it had about 1/8 of a tank of gas in it. I thought that was bad business but whatever. Usually a vehicle purchase comes with a tank of gas. As I drove the truck home to Idaho I noticed a popping noise in the front end and the steering seemed loose. I immediately took it into a local tire center to have the front end looked at. They found a bad cv axle on the drivers side along with a bad tie rod and a misaligned strut. I reached out to Spencer Riley and Don Hackett to see if I could get this taken care of. They asked for a quote from my local shop but now want me to drive a potentially dangerous vehicle back to Utah at my expense and risk so they can perform a cheaper repair. Coincidentally enough the problems with my truck are all on the side the salesman informed me was in an accident. It looks like they have cheap work done to turn a quick profit. Please avoid them for your well being and potential safety.

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