2021 Cadillac Escalade consumer reviews

$76,195–$79,195 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Escalade Cadillac
16% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 2.6
  • Value for the money 2.1
  • Exterior styling 3.7
  • Reliability 1.9
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Not reliable

This car has major issues most recent was electrical and some were known to Cafillac. I Would stay away from this car if you are looking for anything reliable.


SD card FLAW in design & many consumerà have issue

GM does not stand behind consumerà. I have a 21 Escalade ESV and the Navigation said SD card was not working. Took vehicle to dealership and dealership said it was sticks and bene and it would be 1500 even though it had an extended warranty. The refused to warranty the replacement and offered a 15% discount on a car we paid 130k for. The customer service at GM is useless and ended up hanging up on me.



At 5,000 miles, totally broke down, towed it to a dealership who said I needed some of the modules changed. 3 months later got the car back (Yes you are reading correctly, it took 3 months to get them and change) The airbag light was on when I got it back, took it to another dealer who updated the software, then got it back, check engine light on. Took it back, needed another Module. The guy at the dealership admitted these 2021's were built terribly. everyone brings them in and complains. The car is so bad, the Cadillac dealer wouldn't even offer a trade. WOW


Bob Ross

The car is boring, but is still a car. Bob Ross recommend using car. Cat. Bob Ross. Boom boom baby car. Star car. Good great car. Its a shining car.



Dealer will not sell car for the advertised price. Car is advertised for $81,715 and dealer will not honor the advertised price. My next call is the attorney general.


2021 Escalade issues

Was so excited to get the newly designed 2021 Escalade. Just over 4000 miles and that engine knocking sound that everyone seems to be having issues with happens to me. Took to local dealership. First issue, no courtesy cars available. One of the perks suppose to be able to rely on when the vehicle goes into service. Disappointed!!! After about a week, they say replacing a bank of lifters. Another week goes by, lifter bank replaced, but the knocking noise still there. Another week goes by… We are at week 3 of them having my truck. Now they are replacing entire engine. Finally a courtesy car available. Not thrilled with the courtesy car though. Not close to comparison to my Escalade. Will be another week before new engine here. Say it is coming from Michigan? Not thrilled at all about having to get the engine replaced at 4000 miles. When I pay over 100K for a vehicle, sure don’t expect these kind of issues so soon. And when I ask to get something out of my truck, go into shop and it is sitting in there with windows down? Why? Not happy at all about that either. Have been a loyal Cadillac customer since 2002. Very disappointed this time for sure!!!


Not the best redesign

The biggest disappointment in this car as a short woman would be the lack of adjustable pedals. It was very uncomfortable to drive right on top of the steering wheel, but I had no choice as that was the only way to reach the accelerator. This impacted my feeling of safety as I do not wish to have my face mauled by the airbag should it go off. It is a family car, thank goodness not my personal vehicle, and because of this feature missing alone I will stick to Ford and Lincoln for my SUV choices. The door handles seem very sleek and cool but I can easily see how they will break as people will try to pull on them like a normal vehicle. The ride is not nearly as smooth as I would expect of a luxury car either, Lincoln Navigator still has the Cadillac Escalade beat, by far, in my opinion. The only thing I liked better about the Escalade versus the Navigator are the lack of contouring in the seats, as those can be uncomfortable and force a person to slouch.


Very bad experience

Less then 3000 miles and the car broke down on the highway with wife and children. Wife will never drive again. We have had 4 Escalades and this one is terrible. Sad we were loyal customers.


Very unreliable car

Car has 4,000 mi on it in the lifters already went. This happened on Monday been calling GM and no one called me back. Was promised to call back today from someone named Shannon and she never called me. I'm not recommending this car to anybody not due to the mechanical breakdown but due to the customer service on the back end. I own over eight GMC trucks it will never buy one again. Very unreliable car


The ride is not smooth at all

The truck is beautiful however, way over priced and the ride is terrible compared to my other Cadillac's . This was my 4 and final Cadillac - I should have shopped Range Rover.