2007 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$19,320–$21,850 MSRP range
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80% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.1
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257,000 miles. 4 Cyl., Still run like a watch.

2007 Ford Escape 2.3L XLS. This is the 4 cylinder engine with FWD. I am the second owner. It was always serviced by the first owner an now myself between 6,000 and 7,500 miles (Mobil 1, Wix oil filters). Never any engine or transmission problems (the transmission has only had the fluid changed a couple of times). The exhaust and suspension have both been replaced once. I drive all my vehicles at least to the 300,000 mark and this one I feel will have no problem getting there.


First truck, best decision ever made!

I love this truck it has everything I could ask for and more. With 40,000 miles and 13 years old the truck runs as if it were brand new. I absolutely love how much trunk space it has and I love the glass liftgate. The truck handles like a car it is great around turns and does very well in Slippery conditions


i love my escape And it's on the truck chassis

i use mine for work and pulling my small trailer and it has plenty of power the all wheel drive is excellent Annoying you can just about go anywhere .


Giant Rust Bucket

We bought this car new. Paid off and expected it to go up to 150 to 200,000. Well...the engine could and most of the other parts but the car started rusting at the back wheel wells pretty early on and it was to the point that it was embarrassing. It also had rust on the inside of the hatch door. Last week I started looking at all the Mariners and Escapes in the grocery store parking lot. MANY of these cars have the same rust issue. I LOVED this car/truck...This is my 4th Ford bought from a dealer new. This is the LAST Ford I will buy. I am thoroughly disgusted. Dealer I bought my Chevy from said this is common...and I saw it with my own eyes.


Not dependable

I have a Ford Escape with 100,000 miles with transmission trouble and it is a common problem and Ford hasn’t recalled so it drives the price down of the vehicle because it cost more to fix that they sell it for at the used car lot


excelent vehicle a best seller by ford

its clean and reliable and comfortable no worries its a southern car with no rust . i'd go to california in this car today, needs nothing


Lasts forever!

This car met all of my needs, has plenty of leg room in front and back and has been very reliable and able to handle different terrains and weather.


Going strong at 99k

We bought this car 5 years ago used with 44,000 miles, and now have reached 99,000 miles. We bought this based on on our experience with our 2001 Mazda Tribute (essentially same car and power train as Ford Escape). We bought our Tribute 10 years ago with 136,000 miles and now have 206,000 miles. No major mechanical issues with either car, other than routine stuff like brakes, batteries etc. Based on our history with the Tribute we expect to go over 200k with our escape. Both are still running strong. 4wheel drive is essential for Utah winter driving. Great reliability at a very reasonable price.


Great car for the money, has been very reliable.

I have all service records for the approx. 4 years that I have owned this vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and has served me well while I have owned it.


Fair little vehicle for the price

Overall, it handles well and has no overt problems. The car was handed down to me at 95,000 miles. By 97,000 the engine started smelling of burning rubber and made weird coughing noises. It would occasionally lurch and make noises when accelerating on the road. A few weeks ago, the vehicle was upshifting from second to third gear and the RPM spiked about a thousand and the engine revved up loudly and the whole car lurched like a rough shift on a manual would feel like. Gas tank has rusted through and mass air flow filter cracked. Took it to two mechanic shops, they changed the injection I believe but it did very little. Pros however. The V6 is rather powerful, acceleration is good and it climbs well. It idles about as roughly as a truck with a larger engine. Very good power, just not the most reliable or comfortable.