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2014 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$23,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2014 Escape Ford
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.3
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So I have a 2014 Ford escape ,I loved this car ,until it

So I have a 2014 Ford escape ,I loved this car ,until it started running hot and when I shift it will either over accelerate or will not go at all I almost got killed in the middle of a stall out in a busy intersection I took it for recalls and they called to come get it ,said it was fixed I almost died seeing a lawyer soon..


Good reliability 144k

Purchased this car used in 2017 with 42k on it. Currently at 144k has the 2.0l and AWD. I’ve switched immediately to full synthetic, done coolant flushes, and changed all fluids. We have 2 Escapes now 14/16 both with 2.0 and AWD. Love them. We do the preventative maintenance. Hopefully we hit 300k. Most of my previous vehicles have done 266k and 400k.


Highly disappointed in the 2014 Ford Escape SE!

I bought the 2014 Ford Escape brand new in November 2013. I loved everything about it until September 2022, when the engine coolant light kept coming on. At this time, I had approximately 45,000 miles on it. I only averaged 5000 miles per year as my job was close to home, worked from home sometimes, plus I stayed in mostly during the pandemic. I even drove it relocating from MO to GA in 2021. After taking it to a dealer repair several times (mostly no charge and just topping off fluids), in November 2023 it turns out the engine was failing. I did have a repair to the coolant system once but I believe the engine was failing during that year and it wasn't showing up in the codes. A brand new engine (parts and labor) was quoted at about $14,000 with a 3 year warranty! I declined as the warranty wasn't long enough and that price is half of a new car. Plus that's more to repair than the KBB value of the car ($8,000). So I traded it in (got maximum) and bought a new car (different make and model) instead. My research showed numerous issues with these Ecoboost engines and I didn't find any recalls. There's no way that a car with less than 52,000 miles should have an engine go out! I took care of it and stayed on schedule with maintenance too. I had planned on taking to 100,000 miles, but only less than 52,000 in 10 years!


Got lucky

I have 2014 Ecoboost titanium, lots of recalls, going on 240 thousand miles on it ,routine maitainance ,but last wk turbo went out , so I must be one of the lucky ones hoping to hit the 300 mark



Check engine light on had pressure check .Coolant leaking into motor needs new motor .engine defects. 10,000 repair.replaced plugs and coil.engine light stayed off for 5 days .


2014 Ford Escape

I loved this car until the engine cracked at about 73000 miles, cant get new engine until maybe December. took great care of this car , did all the service required and than some. It has been down all summer. We will never buy a Ford again. I also heard this has happened alot with this car and NO recalls on this engine and year model


Don’t buy a car from drive time

Well I blame drive Time for selling me the car knowing that it had all the recalls on it in the first place when they should’ve taken it to ford they selfs.



I own the 2014 Ford Escape SE Eco Boost. The Turbo went out at 113,000 miles and cost $3500 to fix. At a 165,000 miles the Transmission went out and cost $4900 to fix. If/when the engine goes out, that's thousands of dollars more to spend. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. BUY A LEXUS, TOYATA....ANYTHING BUT THIS IF YOU ARE ON A BUDGET.


ford escape problems

after receiving this car, 6 weeks later brake symbols come on, have checked pressure, symbols never went off. now don't know what to do, as i am planning a trip in 3 weeks. this was gifted to me, as much as i appreciate it, i have been having issues with the car. how do I get any safety recall notice. car has 137500 miles on it. seems to not have any pick up also.


Happy with car

Bought my 2014 in Oct. 2013. Have had problems with rear brake callipers but no other problems. It have 2.0 eco boost. Very responsive. Fuel economy hyw. 7.8litres/100 km city 11.8 l/100km. Road noise and back seat are my only complaints