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This seller has been on since September 2022.
Archer Volkswagen is a family owned and operated automotive dealership that has been in business since 1956! With 57+ years of automotive experience we strive to establish a meaningful long lasting relationship with our customers and staff. We hope that our highly trained staff will give you the same family treatment that has sustained us for the last 57 years.
Archer VW is your premier low price new and used car dealer.

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(110 reviews)

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Service Advisor was not friendly at all. Was telling him about a noise I was hearing in my car when driving. Asked if they drove the car "nope". We just checked the brake pads. Drove away and still hear the same noise. Awful service. I will be doing a google review. He also told me a needed tires. Gave me a price for some. Told him not in my price range. Never offered another option. Worst experience ever!!! As I go shop for tires and get my car fixed somewhere else!!


Very Impressed

This place made it so easy to purchase a vehicle, nothing like I've seen before and i have bought a lot of cars. I can't speak to the other sales reps there but i can tell you that Jamaal Taylor was absolutely amazing. The finance guy was fantastic as well. Go see Jamaal at Archer VW


Awesome ! Best Customer Experience

It is the third car that we bought from the same location and the same sales agent, excellent customer service, they do not pressure you when choosing your car and most importantly they do not have you waiting a whole day to make a purchase! in Archer it is only 1, 2, 3 and voila you leave driving any vehicle My husband and I have had the best Archer Southwest experience


OMFG - The absolute worst, my first complaint

OMFG - The absolute worst service in the WORLD! We find a car online, call and ask if they could meet us halfway if we purchased it, and wired the money. We got a quote on a car, got the deal sheet sent to our bank, paid for the car (NEVER ASKED FOR A DISCOUNT). When we called to ask when we could meet, the internet sales staff immediately starts treating us like garbage saying we can't do that, you were misinformed. When I said everyone else has done that when I purchase cars he hung up on me!! This was after funds were wired (based on the deal sheet the dealer provided to us and the bank). So I called to speak to the GM and just get this done for my relative. Finally, reach the general manager, he said he would check 2 days later no call, finally, call him twice on day 3 and 4, say's "He dropped the ball" and would call me back, 6 hours pass then I FINALLY GET A CALL and the "NAMESAKE" of the dealership says he can't sell the car for what we purchased it for SEVERAL DAYS EARLIER! That they must have miss-priced the vehicle, and there's literally nothing he could do but give us a "DEAL" on a different vehicle. This dealership must have been handed down by a father, there is ZERO chance VW is letting these people use their name with this type of service.


Pasat owner

Just got 50000 service I was quite impressed used another VW dealer for 10 years previously will use Archer for now on seems to be a very good dealership


Worst Service Ever

Although I had a great experience when purchasing my vehicle at Archer VW I recently had the worst experience of my life when taking my vehicle in for service. On the morning of November 12th on my way to work, I received a check coolant light on my dashboard and saw an increase in the vehicle temperature. I quickly dropped the vehicle home and had it towed to the dealership with no problem at all. I called them to make an appointment and they said just bring it on over and they can help me. When I arrived there, nobody greeted me or said anything until I asked for the person I spoke to on the phone. I was told they would look at the vehicle and give me a call the following day with updates. The next day around 4 pm, I have yet to receive a phone call so I called them and they said they have not figured out what the issue was with the vehicle yet. I told them that would be fine, but I would be in need of a loaner car as I have no other way of getting to work and my service advisor said he would find me one. I call again the next day November 14th and they say they have found the issue to be with the cylinder, that it is covered under warranty, and that the parts have been ordered and should be there within a few days. I once again expressed my need for a loaner car and he responded with I just don’t have one. I ask him what the alternative is and he says there is not one. I ask if I can get a rental from a car rental agency and if they would pay for it and he says yes we can do that but that is a worst-case scenario. He then tells me he is going to look around for a loaner car. I told him that was fine and that I would call him at 5 for an update. When I call him he tells me he still has not found a car and I told him I needed a car and would be coming down to the dealership and if he has one great and if not we can go to enterprise for a rental vehicle. Sure enough when I get there he found a loaner car for me, which was a VW Jetta, although much smaller compared to my Atlas and though it does not fit my needs I told him that this would be fine if my vehicle would be done in a few days. As I get ready to leave the dealership, I ask for the Service Managers name and phone number and he walks me back into his office just to tell me he does not have any more of his cards, but he will get the service manager to call me tomorrow. To this day, I have received no phone calls from the service manager. The service advisor calls me the following week to tell me that my vehicle should be done the Tuesday before Thanksgiving November 26th, as they want to get my vehicle out before the holidays. From the 14th to the 26th, I get no phone calls no text messages no updates to what is going on with my vehicle. On the 26th I have to call him and he states that their technician has been out and they vehicle will not be done till later. No projected date just later. At that time I tell him I am in need of a larger vehicle to accommodate my family and he said they don’t have anything larger than a Tiguan and I tell him I need a 7 seater vehicle and he said he will find a way to get one to me on Friday November 29th. We switch the Jetta out for the Atlas and this vehicle is filthy. It has the previous customer belongings in it such as umbrellas and is filthy with crumbs, chip bags, trash, etc. We ask for a quick wash and he said there was a 45 minute wait time just for a quick exterior wash. Monday December 9th I receive a voicemail stating that my vehicle has been done since Friday and that I need to come in and pick it up. I received no phone calls or voicemails on the previous Friday from Archer VW. When I picked up the vehicle yesterday, I was stuck with a bill for $150 for an oil change that I never approved or discussed. When I dropped off the vehicle I told them that I thought it was almost time for the service to be done, but the charges associated with that were never discussed with me and I was anticipating a phone call to authorize thes


hidding scam, do not provide truth History of Car

I bought a VW Tiguan 2015, came to be was crashed before, repair and History NOT released to us Buyers when buying, we learned it later , car price was not worth what we paid ! dishonest manager,


worst delearship ever!

worst buying experience in my 66 years. Robert Archer was condescending, offered us an insulting amount for our trade in and told us he was very busy and had no time to deal with us. Worst jerk I've talked to in years. Run from this delearship.


Archer New Car Purchase

I purchased a new Tiguan last Friday and it went in the shop on Monday for a check engine light. I had to argue about getting a loaner vehicle. (I got one and it was dirty). They tried to get me to sign saying I would pay for gas. I'm sorry but I just paid cash for a new car and its broken on day 3 I think VW can own this one and take care of it without putting anything on me. My car had a door ding we agreed to have fixed and so my car that i have now owned for 6 days was in the shop for 3 days while we waited on a part and it got the ding fixed. I never got any paperwork from service on what they did to the vehicle nor did anyone actually tell me what they were fixing until I called and started asking questions. This morning I got a nice welcome email from VW telling me about my new car and congratulating me on the purchase. It had my name and my vehicle model referenced. It wold me I had this VW connected which seems so cool come to find out I don't actually have it..... Its been a great 6 days of VW ownership.


Recall repairs to car

I brought my car in for recall warranty repairs. Thanks to Peter Yem, service advisor for making the process efficient and timely. Peter is a kind and caring professional.

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