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Went elsewhere to buy my new car.

I was planning on buying a new car there but the salesmen made me decide to go elsewhere. The original one I dealt with and took a test drive with was fine until I told him I wanted to think about the second biggest purchase of my life. That's when things turned sour. Then the second salesman showed up and I really felt like I was being manipulated. Turned me off to the whole deal and went elsewhere.

Dealer response

Hello, we regret to hear that your experience with us was not a more positive one. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly at (920) 319-4652 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Countryside Service = NO CAR!!!!!

I definitely would not recommend Countryside!!! Myself and other family members bought vehicles at Countryside, and I've spent a lot of money there!! But none of my family nor myself will ever be doing ANY business with them again!! They have lost our business!! Sales department was great!! Service department...TERRIBLE!!! I took my car to them for just an oil change and new plugs!! Now, the car leaks antifreeze, and they tell me I have a hairline crack in my cylinder head,but they still changed my oil and put new plugs in anyway,and charged me almost $300!!! And informed me about the crack,AFTER the work had been done!! I drove this car 120 + miles every day,and has NEVER ,EVER leaked a single drop of antifreeze, or any other fluids!!! Car ran great!! Countryside informed us to watch antifreeze level when taking car home. Car left us stranded from over heating ( never overheated taking it there )and a large tow bill for a car that now needs $2500 repair per Countryside!!!! But hey, car has a fresh oil change and 4 brand new spark plugs that costed me almost $300 bucks!!!!

Dealer response

The vehicle came in with the coolant level already low, and during our oil change and spark plug replacement, which was at your request, we topped off the coolant level. No visual leaks were found. Once the vehicle was then driven, was the coolant filling the spark plug orifice discovered. The crack was found and you were notified. The installation of spark plugs did not cause the crack. With any vehicle having 250K miles, items are going to fail and need to be replaced. ~ Bradley Rhode


Comp oil change/tire rot.

Took off work and drove 45 miles to get a complimentary oil change on my 2021 Silverado 2500($60k). Unfortunately I hit some unexpected road construction and was 19 minutes late for my 8:00 a.m. appointment. I know it was my fault for being late but the guy at the desk wouldn't help me out other than leaving the vehicle or reschedule for next week. I just drove an hour and spent a day of vacation for that kind of customer service for spending $60k at their company. I realize I should have been there on time, but if you are expecting any kind of customer service maybe just a little bit above and beyond, don't go here! I am in the process of getting a vehicle for my wife and won't go there!

Dealer response

Hi, we're disappointed to hear of the negative experience you had at our location. Please reach out to us at (920) 319-4652 when you can so we can address this situation directly. Thank you and have a great day.


Unhappy customer

Car was to be done today, but got a call about it being done tomorrow morning. The lady got mad with me because I couldn't pick it up till Monday if it was going to be don't tomorrow because I was going out of town and wouldn't be home till Sunday.

Dealer response

Hi there, we regret to hear that you are displeased with your recent experience with us. Please reach out to us at (920) 885-3301 when you can so we can address this situation directly. Thank you and have a great day.



We test drove a vehicle. While returning the keys, we asked if there was room for price adjustment, Kyle stated to my husband, "I thought you and your wife had good jobs. If not maby you should find better jobs ,you could afford the vehicle.



I will never be back to this dealer again. Service department is unorganized and couldn’t even bother to wash my truck after I had spent over $500 for service. Sales guys don’t know what a Z71 package is...definitely not buying a vehicle from them and won’t be back for anything in service either. I went here for over 10 years and will find a new shop to go to.



In getting a loaner car while my car was serviced, I was out of there and on the road in about 5 minutes.

Dealer response

Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how we did. We hope you have a great day! Until the next time we meet, take care!


poor service

Had my car in today for what should have been repairs made under an extended warranty. Was told that the repairs needed were not covered under the warranty. Paid the diagnostic fee, went home. Decided to double check to make sure it was not something covered only to learn it was indeed covered by the warranty! Had also taken car there this last fall for another problem, which wasn't covered under warranty, only to learn today that this also should have been covered. Not sure why the necessary leg work is not being done?


The worst customer service . Anywhere

My salesman would sell you someone’s kid , if he got commission . I will leave his name out of this . So like most , promising how wonderful you’ll be taken care of once you buy a car , they DON’T deliver . I called Monday for an oil change on Friday along with a serpentine belt replacement . Why ? Perhaps to give a heads up that a belt would be sold on Friday . No communication at all . I had to call and ask every step of the way . They informed me at noon , that they didn’t have a belt and had to get one . An appointment for 9:30 , on a job that takes an hour or an hour and a half took all day . I called and complained , “ we will call you right back “ . I even dropped the car off the night before ..... Nothing , silence . It took ALL day . Not one apology , nothing but an excuse . Once the work is done , the quality of it is fine . Getting the work done is another matter . Needless to say , I didn’t hear from an owner , or even the general manager . A whole day was lost on scheduled maintenance that was planned ahead all because of incompetence . Period . I would buy a car from anyone but here . Anyone . Never again .

Dealer response

Hi Rob, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, so we are disappointed to hear that your visit with us was anything less than satisfactory. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly at 920.885.3301 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you. -Countryside Chevrolet


Great value and ease of negotiations.

I was very satisfied that the advertised price was legitimate. Communication was excellent throughout the purchase and delivery process. I would definitely recommend the dealership.

Dealer response

Joe - Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We strive to do our best for our customers. We look for any incentives available to pass along and offer the best price possible. Customer Satisfaction is our main goal here at Countryside. I am happy to hear it is working!! If you need anything, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. Thanks again, Joan George 920.885.3301

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