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Worst dealership ever

Drove 2 hours to find nothing the car I really wanted was junk. And when I first got there it wasn’t even there and I was told the car is good and it would be there. Well here they just took it to a shop cause it had a miss fire so they say. I told them how I drove 2 hours for that one car worst dealership ever. I said I wanna see the car so they went and got it but the car was junk the tires were junk and the front bumper was falling off. I wouldn’t paid more then $3000 for the thing and they were asking $9000 and I see it still sitting in the lot. All the cars there were junk and packed in tight you barley could walk around some of the cars. Don’t buy from here never.


Poor, poor business practices.

My grandson purchased a car approximately 4 months ago. From the first day the car was not running well. Drove off the lot went to get gas, and car would not start again. Battery posts needed cleaning, and needed a new battery. Then it did not pass emissions. Then my grandson was in an accident and his radiator was leaking, they tried to blame the leaking on the accident. When the mechanic took the radiator out, he pointed out this leak was present when we bought it. He showed us the stop leak gunk that was placed in the radiator. There was residue left on the outside of the radiator. Of course they blamed it on the accident. These people have no morals, and cannot be trusted. Cars are not checked out prior to selling. They rarely answer their phones. I am pursuing the better business bureau to report their practices, and the state licensing board. Poor practices doesn't even start to describe them.


Stay away!

Called and inquired about a car at a great price. They said the car was available and I said I would be by in the morning to look at it. Traveled 1 hr to the dealership and no one was even there and it was 10am. The place looked more like a junkyard than a dealership. I could not even find the car listed on the lot. I called and called and finally got a hold of someone. He told me the car should be on the lot and I said I was sure it was not. He told me someone should be there in 5 mins. I waited 10 mins and then left. Every car on the lot was a hot mess and seems like a super shady business.



The owner of this place also owns Car Castle (1800 Sheridan Road, Zion, IL). I had a terrible experience there. This is the review that I left for that location. 1.0 Dishonest, No Integrity, Slimey March 19, 2022 By Tara Buesing from Bristol, WI Well... I'm the idiot who initially gave this place five stars. Read on for an update... I purchased a cheap car ($4k) for the kids (new drivers). This was my first time buying a used car by myself. The day I brought the car home, the engine light came on so I took it to my local mechanic who has serviced my vehicles for 25 years .He gave me a laundry list of major issues that would cost me about $3k to fix. All of these issues made the car unsafe to drive. I made an appointment to return to the dealership. Since I was within the 15 day time limit, I just wanted my money back. Car Castle refused. They kept saying that my mechanic was just trying to make money off of me by trying the make the car brand new. This haggling went on for hours, yet they refused to talk to my mechanic about the issues. They also claimed that the issues weren't that bad and didn't really affect the driveability of the car. Umm, I think the radiator, gas tank, catalytic converter, exhaust, and springs (to name a few of problems) are pretty important! Under the advice of my mechanic, I called the police. This is definitely not the path I originally wanted to take, but I felt as though Car Castle gave me no choice. Once the police came, I had my money within 30 minutes. This was an awful experience. Car Castle should not be allowed to remain in business and continue to scam and take advantage of people. They are slimy, dishonest, lack any integrity and took complete advantage of me and my situation.


JUNK YARD CARS!!!!!!!!!!

They have to jump start everything and parts on the cars are missing. They will not give you anything for your trade in and sell it top money without doing anything. I would give them negative or no stars, but it will not let you!!!!!!!!!


STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

SELLS NOTHING BUT JUNK!!!!! Resets check engine light sold car with a cracked frame don’t waste your hard earned money on a junker from CAR SOURCE!!!!!!!!



No one picks up the phone. No one in the office. Made an appointment. Drove 1.5 hours No one was there. Walked around some one drove off from the garage. What a way to do business. Place us dirty. Windows broken in the office.


Bad cars

Car never ran right broke down with trip. Owners never offered any help to repair my car. It was towed back to their lot. I never could afford to get it back. $2000 out the window.


Failed in mediation

Sam attempted mediation, however the result was less than satisfactory. I have lost money dealing with this company. As a result I will have to engage council. Tim.


Horrible experience

Sam extremely dishonest and a crook. Stay away from all the businesses owned by this family or you will be sorry. These cars are lemons that nobody wanted that went to auction

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