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(17 reviews)

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This place should be shut down

This place is atrocious people take your money and run .I have been waiting for my title for more than 2 months. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS dealing with 5 year olds.



I went to MFT Auctions on 2/13/2021 and purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. My brother-in-law is a mechanic and he examined the car and said it looked good. I purchased the car with a credit card for $4,700. I paid $4,600 for the car and $100 for the temporary tags (the NJ MVC states that dealer's only pay $5 for temporary tags). Jack (the owner?) tried to get me to pay $395 for document processing fee but I told him I would only pay $4,700 and to include the fee in that amount. They gave me the several documents to sign and I asked was the title clear and they said yes. I came back 2 days later to pick up the car (it had a broken remote key case that Jack promised he would fix but didn't). I purchased 2 new key cases on Amazon. They put temporary tags on the car and I left. They were very pleasant and nice at that time. Then the problem started. I filed papers at the NYS MVD and I did not have the title! I called Jack, Anthony, Jay, James and Joshua almost everyday asking for the title. I either got a voice mail box that it was full, I was put on hold and then disconnected or Jay, James or Joshua would speak to me and promise they would look into getting me the title but never get back to me. Finally, after almost a month and my temporary tags about to expire, I went to MFT Auctions and demanded my title. I told a customer don't buy from them because unless you get the title and don't pay cash. The sales rep heard me and told me to "step out side" and I said no. I'm not leaving until I get my title. They threatened to call the police and I said call them! Then Jack calls me and says he'll be there in an hour for me to go eat breakfast that he would pay for it. I said NO. I want my title! He calls me back and says the young lady in the back will have me sign a reassignment certificate of ownership for the title. The young lady gave me the document and I signed it and left. I now realized that they never processed my title because I didn't pay the $395 processing fee. Also, they had BLANK REASSIGNMENT CERTIFICATES THE WHOLE TIME and all they had to do is fill them in. Now the car heating system does not work but I can't do nothing about it because I purchased the car "AS IS" My advise is DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM MFT AUCTIONS!! IF YOU BUY A CAR FROM THEM DO NOT PAY CASH AND GET THE TITLE PAPERS BEFORE YOU PAY ANYTHING!!


They are liars and they don't give you the title

When I bought my car, they told me that the title will be ready in one week. Its been more than two months and I still wating for the title. I asked them to give me another temp plate and they say DMV is not giving extensions. Thats a lie, because I spoke to someone who works in another dealer in NJ and DMV is giving extensions. I call them, and they dont want to answer. They always making excusses. I cant use my car because my temp plate is expired and they never told me that it takes several months to get the title but "7 to 10 days". What a lier.


Great experience

Just bought the car today and it was the easiest car sale I've ever had. Anthony and the rest of the guys were fantastic! Would highly recommend


Waiting 4 months to get the title

This place is a real xxxx show. If you can get them to answer the phone, nothing but the same BS, they are “working on it” - call you back next week (never happened) Avoid


Very rude and unprofessional

Went to look at a vehicle there, first impression was okay even though it took him 15 mins to find the right keys. Test drive went well, but when we went to talk numbers, there was some other man just hanging out while we were talking. This guy literally took off like $120 bucks off the price. And when my husband said what we were thinking he literally told us “Get the fuck out of here, bye” absolutely disgusting behavior.


Scams! No titles

Bought a car a month ago from Danny here and I brought up the fact that there’s a lot of reviews indicating they don’t give titles he said no they changed suppliers... month later I still don’t have mine and every time I call they either hang up or tell me they are getting. Them soon!



Absolutely terrible place. DO NOT GO HERE! They will sell you a lemon. My bf bought a car from here 4mos ago and spent over 10k on a used vehicle that was not inspected before it was put on the lot for sale. The vehicle is a total Lemon. Since he got the car he has been putting money towards it to fix it. He has spent over 5k fixing the vehicle since he has gotten it from MFT auto. I am still very upset about the situation and how we were treated when he purchased the vehicle. Again DO NOT GO HERE! The absolute worst place you could ever go to get a vehicle. They should be shut down!!!!


Tony Soprano's crew are clever

And very nice. But more unethical than today's Washington politition. They should all be jail. Bubba would straighten them out; or, make they sorry they coned anyone.


Bad contract practices

12 minutes ago-Edit ***BUYERS BE AWARE***I went to this dealership to buy a car for my 19yr old daughter that was safe and reliable. I dealt with a sales rep by the name of Danny who I felt at the time was an honest person being that he also has daughters. My husband and I are pretty good at buying vehicles so we knew the one we chose was a good car. But when it came down to purchasing the car we were told we would get it at a certain price with taxes and fees which changed when we went to sign and purchase. Since we were rushing being that she was leaving for college the next day we bought it anyway. It was one of the only good cars on the lot and we were desperate. Once we got home we realized that the 30 day or 1000 mile warranty we were promised was a lie. He had made it so the warranty stated 1000 more miles than we actually had on the car, so the warranty would have been voided due to the 1000 mile max. I called and called and he said he would write a new warranty and never did , I spoke with his coworker Anthony and he said he would also fix it and never did. Apparently the owner is never there or available. I will never do business with or refer to them ever again obviously but BE AWARE IF YOU CONSIDER BUYING THERE. I will be reporting this scam of a business to the better business bureau for sure.

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