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They are crooks

They false advertise their vehicles put low prices on the internet and once you get to their place of business they inflate the price by $10k it’s insane they are crooks


Good dealership

Thanks you got me the best deal and so helpful thanks for your help ! I definitely recommend you all to stop by and check out the cars and deals here


Good Quality Cars and professional team

if you ever need a car make sure you go see Sarah at automania she will help get you the car you want and need


Ugly Scammers who just try to get you there

Total Scammers disrespectful to others time telling lies over the phone and then physically treating you as if they have a masters degree in scammers and you dont even have a school degree


Surprise Charges

Went to buy a car, and they will not even let you test drive without putting down a deposit. Then when you talk numbers, surprise you with an extra $5k-$6k that they are charging you (for third party certification) that they do not list anywhere on their website nor do they mention it on the phone. It is just vaguely tucked into the disclaimers. They don't even mention the specific amount. Make sure you also wear bug spray, the lot is full of mosquitos.



This is not an honest car dealership. They will quote you one price over the phone or email, but will then tell you that the actual cost is $6K higher due to a "Certification Fee". I called to inquire about a 2018 Honda Civic. The price was listed at $14K online. I called the dealership and asked what the total cost is if you include all the fees. The sales representative told me that it is simply the list price of $14K plus sales tax (the dealer fee was waived due to Labor Day holiday). I asked 2-3x over the phone to be sure. I then traveled an hour to visit the dealership. When I meet with the sales person, I am told that the actual cost is not $14K but $20K due to that hidden fee. Don't waste your time here. These are not honest people.


Don’t buy a car here!

Went to this dealership for a used car. While the car itself was in great shape their bait and switch approach on the price was awful. They added $10,000 in “dealer fees” and actually told me I would pay $4,000 more if I bought the car outright rather than finance it through them. A very, very seedy place that I would not buy a car from.


Ask for Sarah

Sarah really helped me get this car, as a first time buyer with a new license needed help with my insurance and loan but she made sure the numbers worked out and i drove off the same day in the car that i wanted.


Highly Recommend this Dealership

When you get there ask for Sarah, the attention is beyond any expectation! me and my wife went to literally 10 dealerships and found nothing but bad service, long waiting time and people that didn't really cared about our questions and concerns. We decided to go to Automania at last and they responded with detail to all of our questions and helped us find the car we were looking for, sarah and her team guided us through the whole process until we finally got it. I strongly recommend this place.



I was in the market for a 2018 RAV 4 reliable durable car. I bought mine at automania with sarah she defiantly helped me get a great price regardless of the fees their price was best. Defiantly recommend

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