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Q And A

Which New SUV Is Comparable to the Saturn Vue?

By Matt Schmitz on September 26, 2018

SueHere are three similar-size SUVs that could replace your Vue, which when it was redesigned for the 2009 model year (production ended in 2010 when GM dropped the Saturn brand) had an overall leng... Read More
Does Passenger Volume Measure Trunk Space?

By Rick Popely on September 24, 2018

AnonymousPassenger room includes all people-seating areas, so if a vehicle has three rows of seats, it naturally will have more passenger volume. The three-row 2013 Toyota Highlander SUV, for examp... Read More
Is the Jeep Compass the Smallest in its Lineup?

By Rick Popely on September 17, 2018

BrandonLength (inches): Compass, 175.1; Patriot, 173.8; Wrangler, 163.8 Width (inches): Compass, 71.4; Patriot, 69.2; Wrangler, 73.7 Height (inches): Compass, 65.0; Patriot, 65.5; Wrangler, 70.... Read More
Does the 2013 BMW 3 Series Come With a Spare Tire?

By Rick Popely on July 16, 2018

Does the 2013 BMW 3 Series come with a spare tire? Anonymous No, the BMW 3 Series does not have a spare tire or space in the car’s trunk designated for storing a spare. Like most BMW cars and... Read More
Is Pandora Available in Your Car Like Satellite Radio?

By Rick Popely on May 21, 2018

Let’s say you’d like to be able to use Pandora, a music streaming service, to listen to music in your car in the same way that one can listen to SiriusXM satellite radio — but you don&#... Read More
Which Minivans or SUVs Are Good for Tall Drivers and Passengers?

By Rick Popely on March 12, 2018

CARS.COM — Occupant comfort is of the utmost importance when shopping for a new car, which is why it’s crucial to get in a vehicle and feel it out from both a driver and a passenger perspecti... Read More
Which Crossover SUVs Have Rear Air Conditioning?

By Rick Popely on March 9, 2018

CARS.COM — Could you tell me which crossovers have rear air conditioning? I want a crossover but have to have rear air conditioning for my kids. We live in Texas. Grace, Corsicana, TexasGrace, we... Read More
Which SUVs Are Easy to Get Into?

By Rick Popely on March 8, 2018

CARS.COM Which SUVs are easy to get into? My mom has a hip issue and has trouble stepping up into a regular SUV but still wants to ride higher than a regular car. Are there any SUVs that would fi... Read More
How Can I Replace My Owner's Manual?

By Rick Popely on February 14, 2018

CARS.COM — Whether you misplaced it in the depths of your garage work bench or your dog ate it or a family member cruelly stole it for their own nefarious purposes, losing a vehicle’s owner&#... Read More
How Quickly Does the Tesla Model S' Battery Charge?

By Rick Popely on February 5, 2018

CARS.COM Q: How quickly does the Tesla Model S’ battery charge? A: The Model S electric car offers a choice of lithium-ion battery packs, a standard 60-kilowatt-hour battery or a more expensi... Read More