2014 Dodge Dart consumer reviews

$16,495 starting MSRP
side view of 2014 Dart Dodge
81% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.1
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Awesome Baby Dodge

When I was a kid my Mom owned a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger, some of you may remember them two door, vinyl tops,awesome little cars. I Learned to drive in that car. Fast forward to 2014, Fiat owned Dodge and brought back the Dart, unfortunately they discontinued them, until an incident where I became disabled, I loved my Baby Dodge, awesome styling, fun to drive, it was my favorite car


best for the price

I do like the design, inside and out, and really good for the money. Not to big, so pretty good on gas. Would buy another one


Not reliable car the engines hot all the time and

I think I was sold a lemon from the get-go we had to jump it from the start bad battery I have no hair I have no radio and then they tell me to take it to the Dodge dealership to redo the computer and they can't because wires have been cut on top of the battery and underneath the battery I didn't do that it was like that when I bought it it was up his a piece of s*** and I'm paying $16,000 I haven't even had it a month and so now they're supposed to help people with bad credit all they did was help me further in hole I use this card for my job and I use this car for my job and I don't think anybody could drive in this heat I deliver food I especially can't deliver food in the heat I'm sick of it out and out all day at their shop and nothing was done not even offered a car to see to help me all they cared about was selling a car


Problems with transmission

It has a really expensive transmission problem after a couple of months of owning it. Nightmare experience with this car and it used to be my favorite.


Needed a newer car

This car had what I needed in a car as well as maintaining a "manly" look. As well as style the car is extremely comfortable. I drive over 120 miles for work a day and I definitely needed a car to keep up. I would highly recommend the Dart to anyone thinking about it.


Most fun and stylish Subcompact car I’ve driven

Reliability is in the tank but she’s a beauty. The inside is beautiful and it’s so much fun to drive. Transmission is awful but for such a cheap car it’s gucci


Most reliable car i ever purchased!

I purchased a 2014 Dodge Dart GT.Super nice car with a Super great price. No issues what so ever. 100% quality! Top Notch! Very Pleased...


Great commuter car

I could not be happier with my purchase. The vehicle had low mileage and was in great condition. It nice to finally have a reliable car.


Gets me around in relative style

I like it. Got the super great Ralley edition. Been good to me for the last 71,000 miles. I’d get another new one, but they don’t make them anymore. Shame on Dodge for that. Your SUVs are garbage, at least keep a good economy car on the lot. Biggest gripe with this car, it has this stupid tinted headlight covers that make it hard to see at night.


Great price on a sporty great looking car.

Meets all my needs by having a great looking car that is fun to drive, is it a Challenger? Heck no but it is fun to drive and surely is turning heads, I never even seen a Rallye, I just see the standard ugly looking ones, 2.4l is a great engine combo for this ride, if they could of stuffed a 3.5 in there dang, it would smoke everyone, and still does take out the competition, looks so cool everyone at work just say I love your new ride, yeah its very cool, and guess what that is my junker:) Only thing I don't like is its a bit high tech by not having a cd player, haven't seen that since I had a 95 something, shocked it didn't have one but everyone has a smart phone but me, cost way too much and seen they just make people so much "smarter" sarcasm there, plus you get it wet and its trashed. I stay with my keyboard phone its been run over, in the river, washer drier and still lives, like a Dodge it can't be broken. That is the only thing you may have to purchase, I bought a xxx from Amazon for like 30 bucks, we have horrible weather in WI and already, noticed car will slow down very quickly with out the brakes, I love that going through a corner I can coast and go through the icy snowy road without using the brakes, brakes and bad weather means trouble and lost gas mileage, that too is very good for driving in the city right now and 20 degrees still getting 26. 35 on the highway, can't wait till its warm that will only go up. Looks of the car is just great as stated, dual exhaust, low profile, wicked looking rims, shifter looks like a manual massive screen, heated seats which I never will use, that is just a horrible option, ac seats would be good when its hot, and steering wheel, maybe I can adjust that to cool temps, didn't mess with it since it just feels like you pissed your pants, no need to fill that way, I'm not an old fart and don't want that feeling.