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The little two-seat Honda CRX was far more appealing in the PM than inthe AM. That`s PM as in pre-Miata and AM as in after-Miata. CRX nearly had the two-seat field to its own at one time. Its onlycompetition was the Pontiac Fiero, which had the same top-notch engineeringthat General Motors Corp. gave the Oldsmobile diesel and had only slightlylonger staying power than the Cadillac V-8-6... Read full review for the 1990 Honda CRX

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BEst Car I have ever owned

by American from Houston on February 3, 2011

I owned a 1994 and 1995. My 95 was an HF. The 50 MPG is the real deal. In 1995 I drove to see my fiance from Oklahoma City to Chicago on $12. Never should have sold this bad boy. I too do not understa... Read Full Review


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Great news! There are currently no known recalls on 1990 Honda CRX.