2011 Saab 9-5 consumer reviews

$38,525–$39,875 MSRP range
side view of 2011 9-5 Saab
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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All around great sports sedan.

This was the 4th Saab that I owned over the years. They were all great cars... fast, fun and reliable. Too bad they are no more.


Great car for the value

Clean ride low mileage, great seller! Love this car, thank you! I seller was kind and patient, last saab there is, good ride! The interior is in a class of it's own, thanks.


An absolute pleasure to own

This car is reliable, well appointed, stylish, and fun to drive. The four cylinder had plenary of power with the turbo. Lag is minimal, it’s a blast to drive. Highway driving is just a dream


The Best Saab

Exciting to Drive No one else had one. Comfortable Addicting Love driving everywhere Complete driving package. Futuristic and gorgeous styling CD .29 V6 power. Turbo rush and AWD


Perfect car for me! $12K for a $50K car!

This car is the perfect combination of luxury, sportiness, performance, and practicality. Tons of cool tech features you wouldn't expect in a seven year old car.


Problem child car. True meaning of lemon.

The tail lights were poorly designed. The sockets melt and break. If you happen to break a tail light assemble, you'll be paying anywhere from $900 to 1,300 dollars for a USED on. The rocket scientist from Buick who closed down the production decided to destroy all of the injection molds for the tail lights. They are not made anymore. The only was to get one, is if some other Saab owner totals the front of their 2011 9-5. The rear window defroster, the heated seats, and the heated mirrors should have been installed using Velcro as they have an extremely short life. The last good Saab 9-5 was made in 2009. When Buick took over Saab, they destroyed the car.


Great car, looks good, reliable, runs great,.

Has everything you could possibly need in a car. Best part is, ia that there aren't many on the road, so don't have to worry about someone else having a car like yours.


The car is a Tank!

Best car I ever own, more reliable in cold weather than any luxury vehicle I?ve own(Benz & Audi). It?s a pity the stop making them. Oh before I forget, it?s great on gas. Drove from Tennessee to Alexandria VA on a full tank.


I LOVE this car...but...

I picked up my 2011 Aero XWD 9-5 used almost 2 1/2 years ago (with 73,000 miles) and I love it every time I get into it. With 120,000 miles on It's still quiet, fast, handles like its on rails, is super-comfortable and is terrific in the snow (I drive up to Vermont from Boston every weekend in the winter). Plus you virtually never see one on the roads ( I see more Maserati's than cars like mine). Parts are pretty much still available with the exception of the rear tail light assemblies (don't get rear-ended!) so no worries there. A few nits - some of the interior trim pieces look a little cheap, but for what I paid for the car, no complaints. There's a pretty big blind spot looking right past the front passenger seat and B(?) pillar. That's pretty much it for the small stuff. Some of the bigger issues included replacing a turbo solenoid (twice - second time was on warranty) and a possible turbo replacement in the near future. I also had to replace the camshaft chain, timing chain and water pump ($2,700) as I was getting code saying there was slack in the camshaft chains (diagnosed and verified) . While more than one mechanic said that there was no threat of a catastrophic failure and I could continue to drive the car as is, the check engine light kept coming on and the car would go into "limp mode", which also diminished performance, not to mention a real hassle getting it inspected. Now that it's fixed, it drives great again. The most recent issue is a warning light to "service rear axle/service all wheel drive". Mechanic says that my differential pump is shorting out ($900 replacement) but no immediate need to replace it (and no noticable driving issues). However, they also think that the control module for the rear diff is defective - a $3,000 repair. Yikes! So, with all this said, I still love my car and will continue to drive it into the ground (it still looks practically new). If you find one with really low miles and want a unique luxury car at a bargain price then I would still consider this car...even a safer bet with the FWD 2.0 liter 4cyl turbo.


Nicest car I've ever owned!

I LOVE it! The most COMPLETE car I've ever owned. Luxurious, sporty, great performance, very spacious and a GREAT DEAL for such a high-end price car.