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The yang of driving is much less aroused by the din of high horsepower as it is by the zing of little wheels. For there's definitely something intimidating about grumpy cars that quiver and thunder and could bring sweat to the upper lip of Bobby Rahal. In truth, suburban mortals are happier with smaller carriages from cars r us; the hot bug-eyes, the mighty minis, the pocket roc... Read full review for the 1991 Volkswagen GTI

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Best of Germany

by Marv from Florida on April 30, 2009

One of the best cars on the streets. Yes it doesnt have alot of hp or anything, but this thing is built tough. Ive made my gti go through hel, and its still running like a champ.


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Great news! There are currently no known recalls on 1991 Volkswagen GTI.