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(42 reviews)

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Avoid RICHARD at all costs

I would not recommend buying a car here from RICHARD. I have never in my life been treated this low. He was disrespectful, degrading, belittling and ignorantly rude to say the least. He was clearly sexist as well, so ladies, do NOT shop with him if you want to be treated fairly. Had someone witnessed this disgusting attitude and disrespectful tone on any employee toward a customer, they would have been fired on the spot without a doubt. It's a shame I hadn't thought to record it. To literally shout at two women and continue harassing them in a showroom is disgusting and unprofessional. He immediately came at us with an attitude and never tried to be understanding, so I am led to believe he was prejudiced against us before our conversation began - Good luck trusting someone like this in buying a car. I will be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from Richard and his pathetic used car lot. The men at the new car lot were very helpful and sincere. Thanks guys for trying to turn this around. Unfortunately, I cannot overlook someone acting like this in the workplace.

Dealer response

Hello, We welcome all of our customers to leave a review of their experience as we appreciate any feedback so we can know how to better serve you. However, your description of what happened is not in the least bit accurate. Henry, one of our salesmen, had asked me for the key to the Porche 911 we have in the used car showroom. He told me he did not believe you and your friend were serious buyers so I thought it best for Henry to not bring the keys with him. Later I saw you in the used car building and you had the car doors open, standing on the door guards. You proceeded to try on some sort of accessories on the vehicle. At one point you put a whole car cover on it and you never had any authorization to do any of this. After seeing this I came into the building and asked if you needed assistance and who authorized you to put on these accessories. At that point, you and your friend started to question me and started to verbally insult me using many obscenities and questioning my authority in the dealership. I then asked you to leave the dealership and asked that you not to mess with the cars any longer. You never had any intention of purchasing the vehicle or inquiring about it at all. You just wanted access to the car for a photo op for your own products. We welcome everyone in our store, but when customers are acting inappropriately and blatantly disregarding our requests to respect our property, they will be asked to leave. - Richard



Ivan and other sales rep will go back and forth scribbling xxxxxxxx on paper and not work you. Only looking out for best interest of the dealer.

Dealer response

Hi David, Thank you for your feedback. We strive to provide every customer that visits us with a 5-star experience, and we are sorry to see that we did not meet your expectations when you visited our location. Our team is reviewing your experience to look for opportunities to make things right and improve for next time. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us directly using the contact information below. Thank you. General Manager Wes Metcalf


Best Buying Experience thanks to Joe Maya

I just bought a car at Stadium Nissan in Orange. The team there headed up by Joe Maya went above and beyond! I will for sure refer my family and friends. If you are looking to buy a car, I highly recommend Stadium Nissan in Orange...ask for Joe Maya, he'll take good care of you! Thank you Joe! You made my year!!!


Stay away

Horrible experience, would not recommend waisting your time, I live about 2 hours away from dealership, found a truck online that I wanted called in to Express my Interest, they told me I could go online and get pre-approved so i did, called back they said yep we got all your info here you are approved for the truck you want , long story short, Rick Rodriguez strung me along for two days telling me he was gonna get some numbers together to send to me , never sent anything or called and when I would call him, he said oh I sent over numbers I'm busy now doing (insert excuses) I'll send them once i get back, finally got tired of him and asked to speak to the sales manager, and she informed me they are in the process of selling that truck as we spoke, so he had me run my credit get pre-approved as a plan b, incase his sale didnt go threw, thanks waisting my time Rick! Would have been much more professional if you would have said hey we are in the middle of selling this truck so please dont run your credit or waist your time and I will call you if this doesnt sell.



Excellent costumer service as always, offering you coffee, water, saying thanks for buying in Stadium Nissan, this is my second time and the experience always has been great THANK YOU FERNANDO BALDERAS!


VERY Un Proffesional dealership

Last year my daughter traded in her first car that was a gift from me when she was in high school. needless to say it was not a show winner any longer but great first bang around car. She is a college student working two jobs and decided upon herself to upgrade. She stopped into Stadium Nissan due to it being right down the street from one of her jobs. She was by herself and as far as I am concerned roped into a high pressure salesman named Brian last name unknown. So she comes home with a used Sentra with high mileage but detailed. I lost the argument so she kept the car. It took 4 weeks to get and form of title or registration documents from the dealer. It took my wife to raise heck to anyone to anything. Over a year later I get a call from Las Vegas PD stating "MY CAR" was stored due to an arrest in Las Vegas. Well MY CAR had been traded into Stadium Nissan!!! What the heck? I know most of you are saying right now no big deal it's not your problem. WRONG what if this car had been involved into something real serious or hit and seriously injured or killed someone? You know for sure it would have required an attorney, a trip or two and countless other costs to clear myself of liability. I have called Stadium Nissan 3 times to speak with the GM on this and three times get the run around, from folks that claim they don't speak English, they answer the phones in Spanish? I have given them the opportunity to understand the seriousness of this and they have FAILED miserably to address this. My last message included the fact that if I did not receive a call back I was going to social media. Here I am. I highly recommend anyone looking use another reputable dealership. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!

Dealer response

We're sincerely sorry to hear about your experience. We never want any customer to have such a frustrating experience. I would love a chance to talk with you to see what I can do to help remedy the situation. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Benita Guerra Brand Advocacy Manager (714) 464-3371


Out of Towner jerked around with recall

The day before I was to return home from my vacation I noticed a transmission leak. A minor repair was made by the device department but it was noted that there was a new recall on the truck and they were concerned about me driving it. The truck was brought in on a Friday but the part would not be in until Tuesday. I delayed my return and told them to fix it. The service tech was aware of my need to leave asap because I needed to return home. Tuesday morning I called and was told the part was in. I called repeatedly through out the day and was given later and later finish times until I was finally told it would not be done that day despite knowing my need to return home. The next day I called at 1:30 and was told it was done but just needed a test drive. After receiving no call to tell me it was finished, I called at 4 and was told my service tech was at lunch but the truck was just now getting the part installed. I told them no more jerking me around. I wanted it at 5. I tried to get a service manager who wasn't there and they didn't know when she would return. I tried to talk to the manager of the dealership and was told he quit last week. Finally my sister who has worked several years as a service tech at another dealer, called and then they decided it was finished. We all know warranty work is done last but this was the ultimate in bad customer service.

Dealer response

We're sorry to hear about your experience with our service department. We want to talk with you about how we can turn around your experience, so please contact our Brand Advocacy Manager Yesenia Rojas at or 714-923-5174.


Excellent Dealer

Excellent service. Very attentive customer service in the dealership.


The best dealer!

Oscar and rick are the best super helpful! Awesome customer service! My whole family come here to buy cars!


Service and Repair

Excellent service. Very attentive customer service in the dealership.

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