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This seller has been on since December 2003.
We continue to grow due to the great support and input from our many loyal customers. Our location was formerly known as Menlo Honda. After acquiring the business our local ownership group renamed it Honda Redwood City and set out to build a business you can rely upon. We're still growing and learning and listening.

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Putting down customers

BUYERS BEWARE!! Today I went to Primo Honda in San Carlos to purchase a vehicle. the salesman that helped us was very nice to us, while I was sitting in the salesman office I could hear the "finance manager" named Sammy saying very unprofessional, degrading comments about us to our salesman, and acting like they're offering luxury vehicles for sale. And the only reason why we went there is because we were referred to this place from a very close friend of mine. So unless you don't care about how they truly feel about their customers I would not EVER EVER purchase, service or recommend this particular dealership to anyone, go someplace where they actually care about their customers and respect your situation, Instead of belittling a family with small children.


Honda Civi

first they sold me a car that it was broke in about two days I took it back and they didn't want to take it back they make a big deal about. But I didn't want to lose my money so I have to put $2,000 more to get another car they didn't give me no deal they didn't work with me with customer service they were rude I was really upset with this dealer


Very bad customer service experience

I had terrific experience with them. The person who sits inside the office is very rude. He really needs to learn basic courtesy. He was very rude with us after buying the car with them. They don’t even bargain on price. We went there because, it was a new showroom and near to our place. I wouldn’t recommend this place at all!!


Disgraceful Salesman

The sales doesn't know the car at all. The sales refused to provided the discount amount to me as he promised, UNLESS I purchase the car today. You do not deserve this type of customer service. Don't waste your time to visit.



Liars and scammers. Went to this dealership to figure out the problem with head unit restarts for my Accord 2018. I was suffering from this problem from 1st week of my new car lease (among hundreds of other people who bought Hondas in 2018). I Presented the video evidence of those restarts to a service advisor. Explicitly notified them that in order to reproduce the problem the car has to be driven for around 60m. Service representative assured me that they will try to reproduce it the way I suggested. When I came back in 6 hours to pick up a car they only drove it for 3 miles and of course were not able to reproduce the problem. Had to go to the manager, but he was from the same tribe of lazy liars - no help from him. He told me they do not test drive for more than 20m. Cool, right? They need to reproduce the problem in order to escalate to the next level and no video evidence - nothing can help. After I contacted the corporate office and made a scandal there - this manager "allowed" me to come back again to the dealership so they can test drive it during the night ... It happened 3 months after I had initial interaction with this dealership. For these 3 months, I was fighting with customer service and constant head unit restarts... Imagine how tired one gets in such a situation. The corporate office called me but it was all useless. It is like speaking to a wall. They all know about the problem, but they do not want to solve it, that's why no matter what you do, they will not be able to reproduce it. I wish someone sue them together with corporate Honda office for selling cars with defects. I gave up in Honda and swap it to Audi. Never again...


No Follow Up & Defective Used Cars

Avoid this place. I negotiated a deal over the phone for a Rav4 and sent my wife to go pick it up since I was at work. Vehicle was as advertised and the salesman was fine. She noticed some paint chips and Primo said to bring it in the following Monday and provide a loaner car. They also said they would fill the tank before she left, but they did not (first of many failures to follow through on promises). She dropped it off as agreed but no loaner was available as promised. They rented a car from Enterprise nearby and sent her in an Uber. However, they arranged for the Uber to go to the wrong Enterprise further away and after a wasted hour setting up a new reservation they gave her a gigantic Ford Expedition, not good for SF driving. My wife spent most of the day with this ordeal. I spoke with the general manager Jose about the experience, and he said he would follow up. He did not. I emailed him to confirm our conversation, no response. Not the kind of customer service I expect. I went to pick up the vehicle after the paint repairs and they did a decent enough job. Got another follow up call from Mike (who was gracious enough to drive the owner's manual and 2nd key to us on his own time which we appreciated). I told him what happened with the rental car and that the vehicle was experiencing horrible gas mileage. Again, no follow up All in all, I would say be careful of buying used cars from them, this is the only used car I've ever purchased from a dealer that had mechanical issues with no action from the dealer. They give the illusion of customer service, but don't follow through


Certified car buyers beware!

My first Honda Ridgeline was such a fantastic truck that I decided to get another one just like it. It had given me 227,000 mostly trouble free miles where I had driven it hard and it JUST WOULD NOT BREAK. I had been thinking about the replacement a long time and decided that I wanted a white 2014 Ridgeline with low miles. I had searched closer to home, but wasn't having any luck, but finally found one here at Honda Redwood City in March of 2017. It was a certified vehicle with approximately 30,000 miles on the odometer. I asked that it be shipped to me via a carrier of the dealer's choice. The motor transport it was on had a mechanical problem somewhere along the way during which time the shipping company had to transfer the Ridgeline to a new motor transport. I received the vehicle about two or three weeks after sending the funds and required documents. My first Ridgeline was still holding up, so it didn't matter. When the new Ridgeline arrived, I snapped a photo with my phone even before they took it off the truck. There was obvious damage to the front bumper cover which was not noted on the vehicle inspection report. It was dirty from the ride up which was to be expected, but it was also somewhat dirty on the inside, including a stained floor mats from a beverage spill and some food debris. Three out of the four wheels had a significant amount of curb rash on three out of the four wheels, larger "could be covered by a dime" (the standard that Honda uses for certification). I wasn't impressed by the interior food and stains, but they were easily remedied. The curb rash I wasn't thrilled about either, but I would have let that go, too, as just the sales person doesn't have an eye for detail. I tried to start a conversation to get the bottom of what happened with the bumper cover. Because the transport driver had not noted the damage, I honestly thought that the vehicle had been damaged by the transport company during the transfer of vehicles that occurred during their break-down. I spent the next six months trying to talk to the dealer (Did they knowingly put a damaged certified vehicle knowingly on the transport?), the transport company (I made a claim for damage which was denied.) and Honda of America (to try to bring some pressure to bear with case #06248406). All of these attempts were futile with a bunch of finger pointing between the shipping company and the dealer. The managers at both the shipping company and Redwood City Honda were unavailable, failed to return phone calls, respond to emails, failed to make any sort of offer to repair the vehicle. In fact, they acted like I was trying to find any reason to shake them down after the sale, instead of acknowledging that there was a problem that needed to be addressed. (We purchased a car for my wife from Pikes Peak Acura the month before and had a superlative experience--completely the opposite of what I had here. ) From this experience, I learned that Honda of America gives free reign to the dealers to certify any vehicle that they wish. The certification is only as good as the dealer and how much they care about their own reputation. Honda standards are Honda standards, but in the end it is the dealer's certification and up to each dealer. That Honda of America certification means nothing when backed by Redwood City Honda or any other unreputable dealer. Do yourself a favor and shop anywhere else. There is not one sympathetic, professional or person of integrity that I can name in the entire interaction from top to bottom in the entire organization. My new Ridgeline just got back from being repaired at a reputable body shop. It turns out that it was not damaged by the shipping company. My Redwood City Honda certified Ridgeline had been in an accident previously and the repaired bumper cover had failed. The cost to me was a little more than $1500. DO NOT BUY YOUR NEXT CAR HERE!


Certified preowned vehicle

I bought a certified preowned vehicle was told everything on the vehicle was at 90 percent, days later noticed tires were damaged and old. Spoke to Jose, Sales manager and said he couldnt help with nothing that I had damaged tires while driving. Bad customer service


Mrs Sapper

I leased a new 2017 Honda ex. I received a good deal. They were very accommodating.


Very Helpful!

I went in to purchase a used vehicle advertised online. Yama, my salesman, was great! Quick test drive and I was signing papers. I knew I wanted this car and he made the buying process go smoothly. They even worked hard for me to get a better interest rate on my loan.

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