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  • 1.0 out of 5
    December 10, 2019

    The short version: - Omega Auto Group advertised a working AC that was actually broken - Levan, the salesman works at Omega Auto Group - Levan agreed... to pay me out of his own pocket for what ended up being a lot of trouble - Levan broke his word multiple times over more than 6 months to rectify the situation - Levan never paid - Levan threatened legal action when pressured to pay what he agreed - Levan tricked me into dealing with him on a personal basis rather than as a representative of Omega Auto Group - Levan is untrustworthy and doesn't have integrity - DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HIM OR OMEGA AUTO GROUP ****************************************************************************************************************** The long version: Omega Auto Group (OAG) advertised a car with a working AC that fit my needs. I worked with Levan and I test drove the car at the end of spring. The AC turned on, but considering it was one of my top criteria, I asked him about it specifically to gauge how long it would be before it may need work and he said it should not. Over the next 3 weeks, I figured out the AC would stop working after running for 10 minutes. An AC that runs only for 10 minutes after you start the car is not a working AC, therefore it did not break after I bought the car; it was already broken. If it was already broken, this is basically false advertising. Levan claims he didn't know, but it is his fault for not confirming this before advertising it. I understand AS-IS condition on used cars, but that only holds up if what he is advertising in print and what he says to my face is true. If he advertises a working AC, then I accept the as-is condition. If OAG doesn't want to be responsible for the AC not working on a car, then OAG can't advertise or tell me that it does work. I went to through a major headache, sweating for the first half of the hot and humid summer, four trips to a separate mechanic to replace the entire unit…and Levan agreed to pay half the bill out of his own pocket. That was MONTHS ago. He came up with excuse after excuse for why he couldn't pay on HIS OWN deadlines. He kept saying he would pay, but he never did. After dragging the situation out for months, he does not understand why I am angry and frustrated. Instead, he lashed out at me and said I should be grateful. But I was never paid anything. Why should I be grateful for a 6-month headache and a big bill? This proves he is a bad listener, self-centered, unprofessional, and not a man of his word. I said I would take action if I wasn't paid (you are reading my "action" right now), and he threatened legal action against me, personally. In this moment I realized that he tricked me into dealing with him on a personal basis, rather than as a representative of OAG. He preyed on my sympathy as if it were a huge favor he was doing by paying me personally. I just wanted restitution, but it turns out it was a trap. Despite the fact he treated me heinously, the legal entity I'm actually angry with is Omega Auto Group, not Levan. It is my belief it is STRATEGIC that Levan told me he would pay me personally so that I would never get paid, have no legal recourse, and give up. He said that he deals with "people like [me] daily." DAILY. That is a major problem and a big warning for you. My experience with Levan and Omega Auto Group has been terrible. Who wants to be fighting with the dealer six months after the purchase? Absolutely no one. It is unbelievable to me how clueless Levan is about customer service and how such a bad experience like this means I will never work with OAG again, never recommend them, and I will tell everyone I possibly can to stay away from them.

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