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Very helpful staff

Even though I didn't purchase a car from here, they were very friendly and fast to answer any and all my questions. Not a lot of family owned dealer left out there.


Great cars for half the price

They were a hug help and blessing to work with. I was able to get my van for a fraction of what others were asking. Thank you!


No one ever replied about my inquiry.

No one ever replied about my inquiry. Now you have my I formation and you have the nerve to inquire about my experience? Ridiculous!


I never heard back on my questions.

I never heard back on my questions. I was not confident that I would hear back when I met them in person.


Scam place

Car has undisclosed frame damage and many other issues. Don’t waste your time scam place isn’t worth the time and you’ll need an attorney by the end of it


Great Prices!

Bought a 2010 Honda Civic from them. Love my new car, was able to get the car for a very cheap price with all the options I wanted. Amazing and friendly staff. Definitely would buy from them again!!!!


Noone ever contacted me about the car I inquired about.

Noone ever contacted me about the car I inquired about. Super nice vehicals. But bad setup


Dishonest Ads, So What's the Car Gonna Be?

If you see a car for sale that's 25% cheaper than anyone else it's too good to be true or not a rebuild. Be upfront and let the shoppers know. You're wasting their time and your own. That's no way to do business. Knowingly wasting people's time and energy.


First, you should be aware it is not listed on the web...

First, you should be aware it is not listed on the web site, that I found, they deal in cars that have been flooded or totaled. The outside work looks good, but that was all I could tell. Day 1 - went to location, no one there. Called the number and the daughter had to be called to come out. Seemed nice and was forth coming about the cars they deal with. Day 2 - Called and set appointment to have my wife come with to test drive a $23,000 call for the next day. Day 3 - Get a text saying they are not doing test drives today because there was some snow on the ground. Went by at my appointment time and the roads were wet. That was it. Day 5 - Sent text trying to set another appt. No response Day 10 - sent text first thing in the morning wondering why no response and ask if the car was still available. Day 10 - early afternoon - no response Texted again and asked to be taken off any mailing list, or contact list because they appeared to not want to sell the call. Day 10 - with-in 15 minutes got a text back saying that all my texts before came in after hours so there was no response given. I'm sorry, but texts' do not disappear. I rate a two star because of poor follow through.


previously totaled cars everywhere

They told me to come look at a Honda Pilot and didn't warn me that most of their cars are R-titled. My insurance company won't even put collision coverage on a previously totaled car :(

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