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This is second time this location screwed up a vehicle of

This is second time this location screwed up a vehicle of mine. Power steering pump fell off after factory revall repair. I am a bodyman with 40 years experience. I also do mechanic work. Have 2 high end diagnostic tools. Mazda 3 PATS system needed reset. Mazda requires an in code which you must pay for. Decided to just pay dealer. They shut the battery tray under the hood and damaged hood and hinges. Now the car does not run. They probably fried the PCM. Car history shows it only put out 2 codes ever. They have been unresponsive and quite frankly incompetent


Horrible management

In December 2021 I purchased a new Tahoe for my wife. Rocky was our salesman. He was knowledgeable and professional. We have no problem with him. He offered to sell me the Tahoe for an agreed upon price, in writing on a Herb Easley sales form. I told him it was a cash deal. We submitted $500 down payment on my debit card which they accepted. Later on Dillon, the manager called me and said he couldn't sell it to me for that price unless I financed it through the dealership. I told him we already made the deal and I was not going to finance it with him. He proceeded to argue with me and tell me that if I financed it he would make $1,500 more. He also complained that it takes a year for him to get a Tahoe like that from Chevrolet. He said I should just finance it and then pay it off next week so he could make more money. After he realized I was not going to give in, he started trying to shake me down for an extra $1,000. He said he'd go ahead and sell me the car but he'd have to add the thousand dollars to the deal. I again and again reminded him that we had already made a deal. It was in writing and they accepted my down payment. In Texas that constitutes a legal, binding transaction. After almost 15 minutes of heated, rude conversation he agreed to honor the original deal. He is rude, unprofessional and unethical in my opinion. I will never shop for another car at Herb Easley because of the way the manager behaved.


The guys at Herb Easley were a pleasure to work with. We...

The guys at Herb Easley were a pleasure to work with. We were able to sort out details in advance and finalize quickly at pickup.


Purchased my Mazda from Herb Easley and couldn’t be more...

Purchased my Mazda from Herb Easley and couldn’t be more happy with the service I received, from the sales person to the finance department! Excellent experience!


Great experience, our salesman Tony Veretto was awesome...

Great experience, our salesman Tony Veretto was awesome during the whole process. Look him up if you're looking for a vehicle. 2 thumbs up


Very Disappointed Life time Chevy owner

I am happy to say after writing my first review. Herb Easley reached out and offered to help me resolve my issue. Once I received the final bill from the dealership performing the repairs, HE asked if they could review the invoice and then provided information to have the invoice changed and reduced. After numerous back and forth conversations between dealerships the repair was eventually picked up by warranty. Although I am appreciative of the efforts HE extended. It is still a little disheartening over the process. I would consider purchasing another vehicle from HE. I would make sure everything is clear on the warranty . Thank you Mr. Michael Williams for the help getting this resolved.


I will say purchase went smooth, I was initially very...

I will say purchase went smooth, I was initially very please with my purchase. I purchased a 2019 Chevy 3500 HD in very good condition with remaining factory warranty and included the HE promise and a lifetime warranty on drive terrain. All great I thought. I was told it went through the GM multipoint inspection and everything checked out. Now 6 months later and 5K miles my truck is setting in a dealership in another state and needing almost $6,000 in repair just to get the tires to roll again. I contacted HE for support in helping with this $6000.00 to get the tires rolling again. A insulting $790.00 dollars was offered and no other support. So 6 months after buying a beautiful used vehicle from this dealership I am stuck with a almost a 5K mechanic bill, half of a towing bill, almost $500.00 and no dealer support to say. What happened to my Diesel truck with 70K miles? A very high level explanation provided to me from a very understanding Chevy dealership was, the emissions particulate filter malfunction causing back pressure bursting the boost hose to the intake, at that point the truck stopped dead in its tracks with my three horse trailer and horse in tow. Emission not covered under factory warranty after stated mileage. I asked for support and splitting the cost and was denied. By the way my truck has 100K factory warranty still in place but coverage is limited. My experience with this dealership in the end is not good and if you buy a used vehicle from HE make sure you understand support will be minimal. I am now questioning the HE promise and the lifetime power train warranty that was one of the high points from the sales man, it almost feels like its just words. Now looking back they were only out to make a sale not to keep a customer. Remember buying a vehicle is much more that just how the sale goes in the beginning. When your miles from home and need your dealer, this one will leave you standing and on your own.


Herb Easley has taken care of me and my family. Like...

Herb Easley has taken care of me and my family. Like family. Everyone is beyond nice and accommodating. They are my go to when I need a vehicle and service!


26 Feb 2021 My experience at Herb Easley, I purchased in...

26 Feb 2021 My experience at Herb Easley, I purchased in March of 2019 a new VW Jetta. Sales person Deshaun was an awesome sales person to deal with. After carefully reviewing the final sales contract there was a 400 dollar charge, after pressing the finance manager about this, it was to cover the advertised free life time oil changes. Furthermore, the finance manager was aggressive at pushing a second warranty which would run simultaneously with the new car warranty. I had the 400 dollar charge removed and did not purchase the unnecessary additional warranty. VW service department maintenance and customer service has not been consistent, it seems that friendly customer service ends once the vehicle has been purchased. Maintenance to date performed at Herb Easley has been three oil changes, tires balanced and rotated, two recalls and a diagnostic of the intermittent windshield wipers. First visit was great, second visit was disappointing, discovered that VW technician did not actually do some of the required service checks, oil spilled around engine oil servicing cap and engine, oil marks on door and steering wheel. Returned the next day because after inspection of the work performed discovered several missing under carriage panel screws, (screws required to hold in place plastic black panels that cover the bottom of the engine and need to be removed in order to have access to the oil drain) missing. Talked to Amber (940) 723-6631, VW service dept representative and assured me it would get taken care of. Third visit, oil change, tires balanced and rotated, and wiper intermittent sensor problems, after a $60 diagnostic charge, I was told that there was nothing wrong with the sensor. Undercarriage panel screws missing. Called Amber was told to return the vehicle, she would personally make sure the screws would be installed. I discovered that evening that undercarriage screws were still missing/not installed and the intermittent wipers still don't work. Called the dealership and requested to speak to the general manager who never returned my call. Respectfully; Frank B.


Excelente customer Service will definitely do business...

Excelente customer Service will definitely do business with company again ,and will recommend to my friends and family. Very happy experience Thanks for the help

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