2013 Mazda Mazda3 consumer reviews

$16,700–$17,550 MSRP range
side view of 2013 Mazda3 Mazda
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Has the whole package

Bought in 2016 with 27k miles on the clock, 6+ years later in 2023 with 117k miles, she is still going strong with no issues. The only maintenance outside of standard was the replacement of a squeaky engine mount. Still has factory clutch and brakes. Still has pep. Transmission is still tight and notchy with very little slop. Engine is quiet with little to no stumbling, solid smooth idle. Gas mileage is higher than EPA rated for new at 29/44 town/hwy with 33mpg avg (calculated at the pump and on the info screen). This is one of those times I feel they over estimated the automatic and underestimated the manual. The car still looks great, the interior is functional buy not ugly. The seats are a bit firm so you will find yourself wanting to get out and stretch after a couple hours, the price you pay for the better than average cornering this car will provide. It is by no means fast, but it is nimble. The S GT has a 2.5 that produces 12hp more new, but the I GT gets the 2.0 sky active which I believe is a much better buy (12 more hp isn't really worth it at the mileage expense). If you find one that is well maintained at the right price, I highly recommend it as it gives you about everything you need in a commuter plus a little fun (if you aren't looking for super speed).


Great vehicle

This car has been amazing. 2013 Mazda i bought in early 2015 with 58k miles. Now 7 years later and with 235k miles it still drives like a champ. Only had to replace the thermostat last year. I am getting a O2 sensor code now but easy fix.


great car

this car meets all my needs great mileage plenty of leg room very smooth ride lots of power great pick up plenty of trunk space


Small, handles well, just what I like!

This car fits my lifestyle, not too big, handles well & good gas mileage. I also love the color, it's grey, so it won't show the dirt!


Great so far!

This is a sportier vehicle than I had anticipated but that's okay. Very smooth ride. I am still learning the smartphone compatibility features. I am loving this car!


Great Used Car for the price

Great sporty car. My son loves the way it drives., and he is becoming more independent by the day. The car is the perfect size moving throughout the area. Sporty and comfortable.


Very reliable, fun to drive, good mpg

Great car for the money. I'd say this is an entry-level vehicle. This car gets great gas mileage and has been extremely reliable. 2 liter motor feels pretty zippy when mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.


Reliable car

Awesome! Very dependable and love the gas mileage it gets! Unbelievable 41 miles to the gallon highway. I love it l. Looks sporty to! Must have!


Great on corners and the 2.5 engine of Mazda3 s...

Love driving this car, grips the road so well, great on corners and the 2.5 engine of Mazda3 s make big difference compare with Mazda3 i 2.0 engine; this thing really moves on the hill. I used to own Mazda3 i 2.0. Stylish inside and has everything you possibly need, has huge space in the back completely flat you can put so much in. Very well build, nothing failed for 6 years.


A Great 1st Car

I got this car during my 1st year in college and it has yet to disappoint me 5 years later. Outside styling is not for everyone but it's distinctive if nothing else. Inside the material is better than what you'd expect for a car at that price, but nothing crazy. The base model somehow does not come with cruise control, which has been a pain since I've driven this car to every corner of the country, but that is my only complaint. This car has personality, and handles like it should cost much more than it does. It is by no means fast, but the acceleration and the responsive steering are a testament to Mazda's emphasis on enjoying the drive. This is a car for someone that enjoys driving, if you want to feel more disconnected from the road then look at an Accord or Camry. You can fit a LOT of stuff in this car, I've moved 4 times since owning this car and every time I'm amazed how much stuff I've been able to fit in the trunk and the back seat. I even had a hitch installed on it for this last move across the country and towed a small uHaul over 1000 miles with no issues (I did have to use the manual override on the transmission to get up a couple of steep hills but the car and I pulled it off without even waking up my girlfriend sleeping in the passenger seat). Depending on how you drive this car, it can be very good or pretty lackluster on gas. I use the manual override on the car probably more than it's meant to be used but I learned on a manual so it's hard to break that habit pattern, but I believe the gas mileage overall has suffered since I'll usually let the RPMs run up a little higher than the automatic transmission would to get a little more power from the engine. The manual override on this car has gotten me to a point where I'll never own another car without one, even if I'm too chicken to go full out and buy a standard. The sound system in this car is bananas. I'm a musician so I like to test out how my music sounds in the car before it gets released, and with the standard system that comes with the car it's possible to do that with a good amount of fidelity in the sound. If you like music with a loud bass, tuning the speakers to about +4 with the bass will literally shake the entire car and have people looking at you in the parking lot. Doesn't sound as good in the back seat, but now that I think about it how often are you really in your own car's back seat? I'm writing this review because I'm currently doing research on a new car to buy since I'll be moving for a FIFTH time up to one of the coldest parts of the country and I'm opting for something with AWD (and cruise control) to handle the snowy roads I'll be encountering for a good chunk of the year. That said, I can confidently say I'll miss owning this car. After 60,000ish miles with this vehicle (that's just what I put on it, I got it used) I've gotten to know every last gear and wire and button on it, and for a first car I couldn't recommend anything else. This car has taken me all over the country, been stuffed full of boxes, guitars, amps, speakers, groceries, friends and dogs, yet has never given me a single serious issue. Getting one of these cars gently used now in 2019 is probably impossible (I wouldn't really call mine gently used) but if you're reading this to see if it's a car worth the purchase for you or someone that needs a solid 1st car, take my advice and pick one up. If you see one with a trailer hitch, a few scratches on the back driver side door and an inexplicable old cigarette burn on the roof over the driver's head (car was never smoked in but it was inexplicably there when I bought it) then I can assure you it's still got a few good miles left in it.