2020 Toyota Highlander consumer reviews

$34,600–$36,200 MSRP range
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89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Horrible Softex Drivers Seat

I have the 2020 XLE with Toyota Softex faux leather interior. The most uncomfortable seat I have ever experienced. Initially my complaint was right hip pain from lack of thigh support. I finally raised the front end to angle more beyond what the seat allows after adjustment and that helped. Now it feels like I’ve been sitting in a cheaply padded office chair for hours after only 20 mins. Yes, I test drove the car and I had no complaints and felt little discomfort then. Now it’s truly terrible. I love the car but xxxx those seats are atrocious!


I enjoy driving this vehicle.

It meets all my needs and I feel safe in this vehicle. One of our sons recommended this vehicle and two of them own Toyotas. They also enjoy and feel safe in them.


Looks great, nice quality!

So far this car is great, the head room in the back seat is a bit low for our very tall granddaughters but overall a great car, my second highlander.


Well built. Reliable. Not a performance ride

Meets my need for a reliable SUV for daily commute. Its not a luxurious ride or comfort. Interior doesn't wow you each time you drive. But...its a toyota!! Runs fairly smooth, spacious, has good features for the price point and great overall styling. I'm happy with it after a year of owning.


So Far I Love It

Just bought it but so far I love the style, comfort and ride. Planning a drive to Florida & I can’t wait to really test it.


Love this car!

This is a wonderful vehicle that meets all of my needs! Having two kids, I needed something that had plenty of room to accommodate our whole family, but I also didn't want something that looked like a "mom car". I love the sporty look to the exterior and the roominess on the inside!


Not what I expected

I really can't get the feel of this vehicle, its not something that grows on you. Its just ok and I am not in love with it, every time I see that exhaust hanging below the axle I think about every Toyota I have ever seen in the past and how I criticized that particular area and how it's never been addressed. Then there is the fact that the Highlander Ltd does not have a trailer hitch available for this model because it with interfere with the foot sensor for the rear trunk opener. I purchase this vehicle with the intend of installing a hitch and Toyota never revealed this to me at time of purchase, had I know this I would not have purchased the vehicle. This vehicle is like the old family station wagon, most likely it will be dependable for many years to come, loves gas, comfortable ride. I paid over $50.000 for this vehicle and truly I don't think its worth it I could have purchase something much better for that money. One of life's regrets. O well next year is coming and not too soon.


Another excellent Highlander

This is the fourth Highlander I have owned. It is very comfortable to drive and operate. The safety features are an outstanding part of this vehicle. Toyota continues to improve this model. The one thing that is not good is in the Platinum edition, a trailer hitch is not an option. I think this has been corrected in the 2021 year model.


The most enjoyable car I’ve ever owned!

This car is perfect for our large family. It’s not to big for me to drive but has plenty of room for us all. It is beautiful sleek and just a joy to drive!


Do not buy Highlander

I just purchased the 2020 Highlander. I am so disappointed with this vehicle. I consider this car to be a luxury vehicle as was my 2008 Highlander. As a luxury vehicle i expect a luxury seat. My 08 Highlander had a large seat and was very comfortable. The seat in the 20 is WAY too narrow and not nearly long enough for my legs and you've removed the option to extend it. i am now stuck with a vehicle that I am VERY uncomfortable in. The seat, to me, is the most important item in the vehicle. Also, the visor is too small and you've also removed the extension for it. Every morning while I'm driving to work the sun shines in that left corner because the visor is too short to block it. I am also unhappy with the fact that you've removed the option to be able to wash the rear windshield. This is the 4th Toyota vehicle that I've purchased and have always been happy. It literally breaks my heart that I'm going to be paying $650. a month for SIX years for a vehicle I dislike and am so uncomfortable in.