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At your Hyundai dealership near San Diego and Oceanside CA our friendly and professional sales and financing staff will help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and your budget. At Bob Baker Hyundai we are committed to giving our Carlsbad San Diego and Escondido area Hyundai customers the best in customer service. Let the friendly staff in our service and parts departments help keep your vehicle in excellent shape and on the road.
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(522 reviews)

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Service was extremely slow.

Service was extremely details given about the service option to get a Lyft somewhere other than to the local mall...very difficult to get someone to answer the phone or return an email...I understand they are very busy and backed up, but they just aren't meeting expectations, much less going the extra mile. They gave me half off the price to get it diagnosed, but I definitely won't be going back to this dealership! Compared to the nearby Kia service center, it's night and day difference.


Caveat Emptor.

Caveat Emptor. You've been warned to avoid these Crooks! Vehicle DEAD and needs $15,000 in repairs at ONLY 40k MILES from a problem the service center caused and they won't cover it. INSANITY! Never buy a vehicle here and never buy a Hyundai. Engine died at 40,000 miles and they want $15,000 for a new engine. Craziest part is that it's a known recall and they still denied it. Even crazier, is the car was in for an inspection of this problem 2 months ago, no problem found so they installed a "patch" 2 weeks later the problem occurs, vehicle completely dead at 40k and they are denying the claim. On a problem they clearly caused. Why anyone would buy this junk is beyond me. Luckily we have 3 other cars so we aren't forced to give these crooks a dime. Extra sad because we were days away from exchanging this for one of their new EV but looks like I'll be getting another Tesla instead.



AVOID AT ALL COST! I was charged $175 to diagnose a stereo issue, I was told the amplifier was bad and would need to be replaced at a cost of over $1500. I brought my car to a car stereo place to have it repaired instead of replaced. In about one second, they pushed the reset button and my stereo has been perfect ever since. Trying to get my money back for the incorrect diagnosis and went all the up to the general manager and they will not refund me - saying they stand by the incorrect diagnosis. Unbelievable poor customer service and liars for technicians who have managers okay with them lying to customers just to get them to spend money at their service department.


Sent an email a few days before going there to get my

Sent an email a few days before going there to get my questions answered. Got information back and told them I would be coming there on Saturday to see the vehicle. I was met by the sales person who answered my email and he was so very helpful and knowledgeable about the car. We took it for a test drive and fell in love with it. We made an offer and he took it to his manager and it was accepted. Everybody was so kind and quickly processing our sale while getting the car detailed for us.


Please avoid this dealer at all cost.

Please avoid this dealer at all cost. I am very much dis appointed with their service for my new car G90. user different dealer for your service.


Terrible assistance and misleading information

I took my sister's car to get it repaired for a recall but I requested to have them look for issues on the vehicle. The person who attended me told me the total of the diagnostic will be $175 which I was willing to pay. Unfortunately, when I was called back the same day the person told me each diagnostic was $175. My dad called them back the next day telling them he was given misleading information and was given unclear information on the recall issue. My dad requested to speak to the manager. The manager came in the line and right off the bat spoke angrily and when my dad asked about the recall issue being fixed gave no response and hung up the phone!!


They were nice, but didn’t understand that I’m only

They were nice, but didn’t understand that I’m only interested in a hybrid plug in vehicle which there are none available. Don’t want to be contacted unless they have that specific product.


They put a big markup on the Hyundai model I wanted and...

They put a big markup on the Hyundai model I wanted and then lowballed me on my trade after telling me, online, how much they desired my car.


I leased my daughter a 2022 Hyundai Sonata last week....

I leased my daughter a 2022 Hyundai Sonata last week. Before I talk about how cool this car is for the money, I’d like to talk about our salesman Perry Fitchett. Perry is absolutely awesome. He made a typically and historically unfun experience “buying a car” a real fun time. Perry has a great since of humor, very charismatic, and just fun to do business with. Everything was easy and straight up. We never felt like a game was being played or anyone being dishonest. Perry Fitchett is the person to ask for at Bob Baker Hyundai! By the way, the car is awesome. Nice standard safety features, comfortable, plug and play technology.


Not happy at all. Worst spent 20k – Hyundai Elantr

The car has multiple flaws that makes its quality and safety lag several years behind its rivals. Much better options out there. I have tested the Japanese models (Corola/Civic) at similar price range and they were so, so, much better. Major car flaws (cons): 1) Lane departure system (LKA) is malfunctioning causing abrupt change is steering wheel stiffness. Almost caused me once to lose control and hit the center-divide. Opened a case with the NHTSA. The best solution is to turn it off with the push button. Took me some time to figure out it was this system causing the abrupt steering wheel behavior. Disable the system by pressing the LKA button on dashboard left to the steering wheel. 2) Windshields are defective with a defect that causes scatter and blurriness when driving and the sun is at low angles such as in morning or before sunset. This is true to front, back and all side windshields. Most disturbing in the front. See images of faulty windshield. 3) Car seat is uncomfortable giving me strong lower back pain after driving for more than 15min. I can drive for hours with my other car and have no issue. Using wedge pillows have helped a little but makes the ride something very unpleasant. 4) Multimedia systems is sprinkled with defects, the most annoying is when you want to move to phone mode the radio is constantly on. Pro: Not too many here. One good thing to note is that the car has good noise isolation and has a solid drive feeling to it even with all the bumps and potholes quite typical to Sun Diego. Final remark: don’t save a grand or be tempted with ‘’end of…’ promotions, check out rival models and then make your decision. I did it the opposite and have much to regret. There are much better options out there. Never think that buying a new car is hustle free or safe. Take your time and examine the car you plan to walk away with carefully. Overall this has been a very sad and frustrating experience. Dealership (cons): 1) Small dealership with limited space and display. When I came to discuss windshield defect after purchase there was no space to park the car and it seemed by luck cars were not damaged by bumping one into another as they were driven by service personnel, due to limited space. 2) New cars are parked on gravel and get dirty and dusty. I would have captured the windshield defect if it was clean. Sales was aware of this issue and was not surprised when I came back. ‘Not the first’ as they commented. They were quick to offer repair. But, replacement – not in this world. Even buyback where I would take the blow in price which I asked for, they would not offer. The manufacture offered minimal compensation so I would not pursue legal action. 3) I ran into a brick wall in trying to get some serious resolution. At least the general manager Jamey Watson was courteous and understanding. I can’t say the same for the rest of my encounters with sales and service. Final advise – consider looking somewhere else in the broad sense of the word especially now that people need to make smart value to money decisions.

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