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At your Hyundai dealership near San Diego and Oceanside CA our friendly and professional sales and financing staff will help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and your budget. At Bob Baker Hyundai we are committed to giving our Carlsbad San Diego and Escondido area Hyundai customers the best in customer service. Let the friendly staff in our service and parts departments help keep your vehicle in excellent shape and on the road.
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(10 reviews)

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Not happy at all. Worst spent 20k – Hyundai Elantr

The car has multiple flaws that makes its quality and safety lag several years behind its rivals. Much better options out there. I have tested the Japanese models (Corola/Civic) at similar price range and they were so, so, much better. Major car flaws (cons): 1) Lane departure system (LKA) is malfunctioning causing abrupt change is steering wheel stiffness. Almost caused me once to lose control and hit the center-divide. Opened a case with the NHTSA. The best solution is to turn it off with the push button. Took me some time to figure out it was this system causing the abrupt steering wheel behavior. Disable the system by pressing the LKA button on dashboard left to the steering wheel. 2) Windshields are defective with a defect that causes scatter and blurriness when driving and the sun is at low angles such as in morning or before sunset. This is true to front, back and all side windshields. Most disturbing in the front. See images of faulty windshield. 3) Car seat is uncomfortable giving me strong lower back pain after driving for more than 15min. I can drive for hours with my other car and have no issue. Using wedge pillows have helped a little but makes the ride something very unpleasant. 4) Multimedia systems is sprinkled with defects, the most annoying is when you want to move to phone mode the radio is constantly on. Pro: Not too many here. One good thing to note is that the car has good noise isolation and has a solid drive feeling to it even with all the bumps and potholes quite typical to Sun Diego. Final remark: don’t save a grand or be tempted with ‘’end of…’ promotions, check out rival models and then make your decision. I did it the opposite and have much to regret. There are much better options out there. Never think that buying a new car is hustle free or safe. Take your time and examine the car you plan to walk away with carefully. Overall this has been a very sad and frustrating experience. Dealership (cons): 1) Small dealership with limited space and display. When I came to discuss windshield defect after purchase there was no space to park the car and it seemed by luck cars were not damaged by bumping one into another as they were driven by service personnel, due to limited space. 2) New cars are parked on gravel and get dirty and dusty. I would have captured the windshield defect if it was clean. Sales was aware of this issue and was not surprised when I came back. ‘Not the first’ as they commented. They were quick to offer repair. But, replacement – not in this world. Even buyback where I would take the blow in price which I asked for, they would not offer. The manufacture offered minimal compensation so I would not pursue legal action. 3) I ran into a brick wall in trying to get some serious resolution. At least the general manager Jamey Watson was courteous and understanding. I can’t say the same for the rest of my encounters with sales and service. Final advise – consider looking somewhere else in the broad sense of the word especially now that people need to make smart value to money decisions.


Disgusting Salesman

Went here to purchase a vehicle for my daughter for her birthday, and was greeted by a younger salesman. I went to shake his hand and was met with a sweaty, greasy handshake. This was a major turn-off for me, but I continued on with the young salesman. He was extremely immature, and kept making sexual references in conjunction with the vehicles on the lot, saying things like "I would make love to the Genesis" and "The Veloster N is a ride your daughter wouldn't survive". He kept saying how much he can't wait to get his hands on a Veloster N. Well, I wouldn't let this salesman put his hands on anything, because they are greasier than most cheeseburgers I've ever eaten! I believe the salesman's name was "Perry" or "Pierre", not quite sure. Either way, I will not be returning to this dealership anytime soon.


all in all - a good experience

Buying a car is an exhaustive process. I hate negotiating and the whole game that dealerships play. That being said, I DID negotiate and yes, played their game... but they met me at every request and then some. Everyone that I worked with (Amy, Robert, Christian and the finance manager) - were all fantastic. Did I feel pressure? Not really... but was ready to walk out more than a few times bc the numbers just weren’t there. I had lots of questions about fees (what was necessary), etc. But I repeat, they met me at every turn — and 5 hours later I walked out with a new to me car feeling good about the process. Long day, but in the end... I would recommend this dealership to at least check out. Needs to be updated, but I hear that’s in the works.


Very Friendly and upfront staff

I didn't buy from this dealership (it is over 300 miles away from home) but my interactions were very friendly, without pressure and very professional. They also sell Hyundai cars that are hard to find without a markup unlike nearly all Hyundai dealers I found. If you are in SoCal and looking for a Hyundai I would start here.


2016 Hyundai Genesis

Thanks North County Hyundai for a wonderful experience when purchasing our Hyundai Genesis that I have wanted for so long! The people there were all so welcoming and accommodating I couldn’t recommend enough. Our sales person, Michael Lopez was quick and very efficient. Thanks!


Service department is one of the best.

I purchase a Santa Fe a little over a year ago. Because of the experience we just purchased a Sonata Limited. Everyone from sales to service has exceeded my expectations. The only negative comment I have is I wished the salesperson had told me the Santa Fe was a 4 cylinder. Then again, I should have asked.


clean facility and polite and friendly staff.

It was a very rewarding experience. Walked in to look at cars and drove out with a new to me car. A wonderful and relaxing time at dealership. Many thanks to all n


Great Experience

It was a pleasure and very easy to lease our Hyundai Genesis from North County Hyundai. Everyone was terrific. The General Manager Todd Kostrzewa was very knowledgeable and helped us to decide whether to lease or purchase. Our sales consultant Eric Becker was very helpful . The finance department was fabulous as it was complicated because we were registering the car in Arizona. They went out of their way to work with the Arizona Title Company. Gillian Cruz the Parts and Service Director and Ulysses Alvarez our Service Consultant have been wonderful. It was a very satisfying experience and we would buy or lease our next car from North County Hyundai.


Easy Buying Experience

My wife and I have been to many dealerships, and none of them are as friendly and nice as this one, about 1.5years ago we bought our 2015 Elantra from here, and always took it to serive here (service is great here to btw)the experience was great, we'll life happens and we had a beautiful little girl and we soon discovered that our little Elantra was well quite a bit to small for us ( especially me since in 6'4) and was time to upgrade, we have been looking for a suv for awhile and yesterday I saw a CPO santa fe on the lot and wanted to check it out, came down and took it for a test drive and my wife and I were super happy, Joshua Jamison our sales guy was very awesome and very knowledgeable about the 2013 santa fe he showed us, we ending up buying it and the whole experience was very low stress, catherine alvarez ( she was absolutely wonderful btw)worked with our budget and even got us a better loan than we had before even with the negative Equity we had on our Elantra, would definitely recommend North County Hyundai


Bad Experience after purchase Certified Pre-Owned

Bad Experience after purchase of Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai So look out March 20th 2016 purchased car I first found this dealer through a few web sites after a month looking for a Gray or Premo Gray Hyundai Genesis Coupe. So I called and was informed this had just came on the lot as a return lease and would be sold as a (CPO) and the price I was looking for which was all good. So I explained I was coming from the Los Angeles / Long Beach area. Was told that they go far and beyond the inspection process so I thought that really sounds good. So I go to the dealer and saw the car. When we walked up on the car the other person with me saw a bumper scrape and I said that I will mention that after the test drive because I did not know if I wanted the car as of yet. I did point it out in front the sales person. I took the car for a test drive and knew I wanted the car. We went to look at my trade in and I forgot to mention the scrape again through the Hype of buying this car. I called the dealer so I could get them to send my registration to my insurance company. I asked for the sales person so I could ask about this scrape and was told he wasn?t in and the woman that did my financing wasn?t in either so 3 days later I was able to get all my registration and insurance taken care of. Then the sales manager calls and I explained the situation and get told that they had no intention of repairing these scrapes. If that was the case, I would have walked away. By the way, he was also around the car when it first came out to being test driven. Being treated like that is unacceptable. No calls back, they just want you to go away after paying for a certified pre-owned vehicle, so as a consumer I wanted to take steps through Hyundai. The finance person was great, the salesman that I have been dealing with Sales, Sales manager and general manager stick together and just treat you like that?s your problem once you leave the lot. I have sent many texts and called many times, received two calls back. The Sales Manager asked me to send pictures which they already had. I sent them to the internet sales person that I started with and he said he never got them. I sent the pics again to him and cc?d them to another address and they were received. There was no message reply of undeliverable sent back to me so I knew they were received, the first and second time. I live 75 miles from this dealer and the easy fix I suggested was that I will get this repaired through a bumper repair business, anything over what they quoted me, I would pay the difference since the repair shop is only going by pictures. They did ask if I wanted them to touch this up or send me the paint. This car is premo gray metallic pearl why am I going to go with touch up paint I can?t apply correctly. I sure don?t want to go there and have them use a touch up pen to touch it up. They don?t have an onsite body shop and the paint needs to be blended. I can?t believe their reputation is hanging on a lower price for repair than what they told me it would cost them I would like to be reimbursed after I sent them the invoice for the repair to be done correctly. If this is done I would believe in their slogan Our Customers are Completely Satisfied! And change the satisfaction stars for this company. I have sent texts and called too many times with no respect and professionalism is below any standards. Hopefully there can be a resolve and satisfied customer same as the day the car was bought. Going on since March 20th 2016 How can you drive with confidence if you can?t be confident in the dealer as the web site states. Check for any scratches or cover ups before you commit you will be posting something like this. If I wanted a scratched car I could of kept the one I had. Be aware look for scratches closely.

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